Tuesday, May 22, 2018

The Digit-al Dozen - Inspired by Each Other: Day 5

Grey Fluid Art Sinful Colors Transforming Topcoat
Hello hello! I almost didn't make it, but I'm wrapping up the 5th mani for the Digital Dozen week, and I wish I didn't have to take it off! So please check it out <3

I just knew that I had to pick something from Serene / Copycat Claws - because I know she does a lot of stamping and that's my easy art! But surprise, surprise! This isn't stamped at all, it's fluid art!
Source: Copycat Claws
I've done fluid art before, using the handy dandy Sinful Colors transforming topcoats, both smooshed on a mat, and more like drip marble on a plastic container lid. I think I prefer the lid method because it's just swirl swirl and you can have multiple small ones on same surface.
Grey Fluid Art Sinful Colors Transforming Topcoat
I secretly already had one of these decals done since last year, but Serene's mani inspired me to do a couple more to cover all the nails and finally show it to the world! I used Sinful Colors Snow me White, Black on Black, Concrete Jungle (which gave the cell effect) and a bit of Nvr Enuff Polish  Unicorn Thunder for a holo sparkle. And I was happy to find out that I can successfully revive old and brittle decals with some WnW Clear Protector polish, they became pliable and applied with no fuss!
I see quite a lot of fluid art in my IG feed and it's so mesmerizing, I keep saving pics for reference because there are some spectacular color schemes! No lie, I have 5 lids in my drawer with already made designs, just waiting for my lazy butt to apply them! I really should post more fluid art as it's quite easy to do in advance, given the right polishes!

This concludes May's Digit-al Dozen week, we'll be back in June with a garden theme! This definitely means more succulents from me muahahah

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