Friday, May 18, 2018

The Digit-al Dozen - Inspired by Each Other: Day 4

Neon fluid art drip marble unicorn nail art

Another day, another Digit-al Dozen manicure - there's drip marble, flowers, unicorn, stamping, neon and holo - oh my! All together it gives me a very whimsical fairytale vibe :)
My source of inspiration for this look was Courtney/Polished Lifting. She's got a lot of nail art sprinkled into her posts and it was actually hard for me to pick one. I even had my husband go through her IG and give me ideas! In the end, I couldn't do the ones he suggested - Courtney's freehand Heihei from Moana was very high on that list, and, well, my freehand is non-existent! This vivid drip marble look, this I can do!

Source: Polished Lifting
I used Tonic Polish Jinkx for the silver holo base, and stamped the unicorn and "flowers" from Bundle Monster plates (unicorn on BM-XL214, succulents from BM-S326). The flowers are actually succulents, since I love that place to much, but in this color scheme, you can't even tell!  The stamping is done with BornPretty Store purple stamping polish and I colored in the images on the stamper before transferring to the nails.
Neon fluid art drip marble unicorn nail art
The main drip marble colors are all neons from China Glaze - Thistle do Nicely, Too Yacht to Handle and That's Shore Bright. Hopefully you'll notice a bit of cells in my drip marble that's a signature look of "fluid art" - I've done with technique before and love it, so I wanted to spice up the drip with Sinful Colors Purpunk, it's a lavender one and blends in nicely!  
Neon fluid art drip marble unicorn nail art
I hope I did Courtney's mani justice! I also re-learned for myself just how bright neons are and what a pain to take pictures of! Before I added the stamped unicorn and flowers, the drip marble was so bright! and after, it's just background blur compared to that unicorn and flower!

Be sure to take a look at the linkup, I think it's safe to say that everyone in the Digit-al Dozen that's participating is enjoying the inspo theme!

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