Friday, February 3, 2017

Swatch & Art: Tonic Polish - Light of Lyra

Hello and Welcome! It looks like my latest blog posts are all about Tonic Nail Polish - but if you own any, you know how gorgeous they are, so it makes sense that I want to keep playing with them!

I must admit, although this polish was released in the introductory collection (like, summer of 2016) I didn't get my own bottle until December. I went to brunch with friends and one of them was wearing Light of Lyra with a flakie topper, and I basically drooled and begged to borrow it and ordered my own bottle asap. See her wearing it on IG!

Light of Lyra - creamy bright purple nail polish with strong aqua shimmer

I used just two coats and it applied like butter, and dried a bit satin, so of course, top coat is needed to add gloss to the shimmer

Even when taking the pictures, I noticed that it's more of a vibrant purple in the bottle and looks more blue on my nails. I think it's due to my lightbox, as the purple stood out in other lighting situations

And then I dabbed on a flakie topper - Nfu-Oh 50. 
The base jelly  in 50 matches Light of Lyra and the flakie are's like they're meant for each other, great way to add a wow factor to an already stunning color.

If you're familiar with Nfu-Oh, you know their bottles are a work of art. I think I took a dozen pictures of just the bottle when I used a different polish months ago, and then never made a post about it, lol. I returned this one of course, but it's on my mental wishlist because I want to wear it again.

I'm just going to call the flakies as my "art" because the stamping I attempted wasn't good.

It was December..and I just received a new stamping plate I ordered from Aliexpress, but I overlooked the fact that it was an acrylic plate. Idk if the quality was poor or if that's the norm, but I couldn't really pick up a clean image. It's like the plate has a slight texture and you can't just scrape off excess polish - it stays and gets picked up by the stamper, and it just made the stamps look grainy.

Black really pops but I wish it was neater...I wasn't able to remove that much dark pigment without ruining the mani underneath so I left it as it was...and that's the reason I didn't share it when back then, I just wasn't happy with it. But it's ok if not everything works out, learning for next time!

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