Sunday, February 19, 2017

Stamping Plate Review: Creative Shop 47

Hello & Welcome! Today's blog post is a bit different than usual - it's a stamping plate review!  If you saw my IG posts this week, then all of these designs won't be new to you, but they're all gathered here.
Source: Creative Shop Stamping

*Product provided for review*
I have used Creative Shop stamping plates before, but haven't made a post as an overview and to show what the plates look like, so this will be a first.
Above, is a scanned copy of the stamping plate - the size of the plate is the same as Bundle Monster and MoYou plates, it measures about 6.5 x 12.5 cm. However, the size of the images themselves are on the larger side - 1.5 x 2.5 cm.  This is actually a bit larger than what fits on my nails if I want to capture the whole design. I made the assumption that these images would be perfect for nail lengths that are longer than mine - and then I ran into some comments saying they're too small! Just a good reminder that everyone wears their length differently and have specific needs when it comes to their ideal images, and it helps to know what is a good size specifically for you, and if you can do anything to alter that - such as grow your nails or shrink the image!
Above is a copy of my test stamping - I used Bundle Monster - Straight Up Black (I used the same polish to stamp on every mani) and a clear stamper to transfer the images to white paper. The plate is etched really well, I didn't have any issues getting the images to pick up or transfer. Since they're just a tad bigger for me, I had to shrink some - if you're not familiar with the technique, this is the video tutorial from Nailstamp4fun that helped me learn to do this.  I'll notate which images I shrank on the individual manis, I just wanted to mention that upfront so you're aware.

Polishes: Tonic Polish - Alchemy, Sinful Colors - Gold Medal, Nvr Enuff Polish - Phoenix Feather

For the dragon/scale designs - I shrank both images and colored them in, applied as a decal.

Polishes: China Glaze - Japanese Koi, I'm With The Lifeguard,Thistle Do Nicely, That's Shore Bright, Celtic Sun, Too Yacht  To Handle

I really love the scale images, and I didn't alter them via shrinking. I was kind of going for rainbow fish scale look, but I think the colors I picked (over a white base) showed up more neon than I expected, and the overall vibe just reminded me of a Mexican blanket..which is not something I would normally seek out, but it was an interesting accident. I will definitely be looking to try this one again...maybe with pastels.

Polishes: Sinful Colors - Snow me White, China Glaze - Pearl Jammin, Julep - Erin, Kiko -488, DIY blue jelly, BornPretty Store - red stamping polish

I shrank the sunburst and the geisha, the mountain + samurai cherry blossom branch are one image, and if you reference the original stamping plate, there is a small branch above the geisha too. I just cut those parts of the decal out and put them together on the pinkie nail. Now I really want to do cherry blossom nails! It's such a simple but iconic design.

Polishes: China Glaze - Deviantly Daring & Pearl Jammin, Sinful Colors - Mermaid Tail & Bangin' Blue, Revlon - Chameleon, Bonita - I Feel Grape!

I knew right away that I wanted to use the crane image but was hesitating to go with a seems like such an obvious choice, but also so fitting, so I went with it.  I made two shrunk decals - one on a stamper head and the other on a silicone mat, so they could be facing each other. I also added some blue glittery jelly to make the water sparkle.

Polishes: Sinful Colors - Gold Medal & Snow me White, China Glaze - Liquid Leather, Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab -

I shrank the parasols and the geisha but left the cranes in their original size - I made a couple of decals and just cut out the birds to assemble onto the nail. I was really happy with how this one turned out, I love the combination of these colors!

Polishes: Nvr Enuff Polish - Prototype, Sinful Colors - Snow me White, I'm With the Lifeguard, Japanese Koi, Too Yacht to Handle, Julep - Myriam, DIY  orange jelly

I bet you were wondering where the koi are...since that's hands down my favorite image from the plate and I so enjoyed putting this together! I saved my favorite for last <3
I didn't do any shrinking with these, but as the image is rather large, I made several decals and separated the fish from the lilypads and them stuck them all on the nails in this koi pond composition. Everything about this makes me happy, and I have a sneaking suspicion that Oksana of Creative Shop reached out to me for a review of this plate just for the koi...I hope I did it justice!

I believe that there is just one US reseller of Creative Shop plates at the moment - you can browse on Beautometry - there are currently 63 plates but I know that more will be released soon. I hope to add more to my collection, as the plates are truly unique works of art.
I copied the list of other resellers if you're looking for one outside of US

1. USA(ship international)-
2. CHINA -
3. UK(ship international) -
4. UK(ship international) -
5. UK -
6. EU -
7. EU -
8. France -
9. France -
10. Finland -
11. Germany -
12. Germany -
13. USA(ship international) -
14. USA(ship international) -