Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Swatch & Art: Nvr Enuff Polish - Unicorn Soul

Welcome! Today's post is a bit darker in color than you would typically expect for February, but I think there's some humor in it, and I hope you enjoy!

I saw a couple different prompts this week on FB and IG - like anti v-day, non traditional colors, and hearts. So I pulled out a darker color from my stash and got to work! I may have been favoring a certain brand of polish as of late, but it remains a fact that Nvr Enuff Polish takes up the biggest chunk in my collection!

Unicorn Soul - a creamy linear holo blackened charloal

If you're really careful in your application - you might get away with one coat! I used two here, plus top coat. Trust me that there is holo there...one day I'll figure out how to show it, but that day is not today..

What I love about Nvr Enuff polishes is that so many of them are creamy - this makes application easy and they're generally pretty opaque with minimal coats!

The nail art isn't stamping this time! I'm proud of myself for picking something alternative - specifically, stickers and a water slide decal. The hearts are What's Up Nails heart stencils - I just picked out the individual hearts and stuck them on. The one's at the edges had a bit of lifting, but I globbed on top coat and they mostly lasted - I lost two after a couple of days wear. And the grumpy cat?? It's a popular image, and there is a very similar one on a stamping plate from Bundle Monster (BM-S162). However, I went back to my fun side project from last year - diy water slide decals! (see post here)