Sunday, February 5, 2017

Swatch & Art: Tonic Polish - Alchemy

Welcome! I've got a quick post today with one more Tonic Polish from the Winter/Holiday 2016 collection.

Alchemy - a rose-orange-gold shifting multichrome with a blue/purple shadow base, it has sparkling scattered holo finish with tiny silver holo micro glitters

This is another one of those super stunning, super hard to capture all the colors, multichromes, so the more pictures the better chances to show it off!
Seriously, it's hard to believe all of these are the same bottle!

This applied beautifully and I only used 2 thin coats for coverage - plus top coat!

The colors on this one were always shifting, in majority of my lighting it looked more rose, but as you can see from the pics, the gold is always there!

For the art part, I went back to simple stamping. I got a new plate to review - Creative Shop #47 so I grabbed a black and picked up the dragon/scale images

I love doing mermaid and dragon scales, and am super excited to play with this plate because it's a whole new kind of image - it even has claws!

Now, Creative Shop images are on the larger side, so this is how they look stamped straight on the nails with no shrinking. I'll go over that when I have my review post done, but just an fyi.

Alchemy just looks like a gradient, doesn't it? <3

This is the only picture I got outside, but I'm going to try to get more as the days get longer or I polish more on the weekends. You just can't get the same lighting inside and it's nice to see the polish in different settings. 

If the polish itself wasn't already awesome, I tested it for stamping - and it worked!! This made me go through a couple other multichromes to test them and I have at least 3 right now that all stand out! I have a few more Tonics en route, and I suspect there's more stamping ones among them, so I will hopefully get a compilation done soon. So if you have Alchemy - try it! And if you don't - buy it! :D

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