Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Swatch & Art: Nvr Enuff Polish - Centaurette

Hello & Welcome! It's hard to believe that March is already here, time is flying!! I am looking forward to spring..cherry blossoms are not far!!
Today's post is a quick swatch and simple nail art - Harry Potter inspired!
I've been making slot attempts at organizing some of my nail polish, which basically means sorting through my favorite drawers and of course, pulling out armfuls of gorgeous colors that I want to use all at once! This was one of those finds from my Nvr Enuff Polish collection
Centaurette - a mint green with golden shimmer

I used 3 coats for my swatches - it's such a pretty and delicate green <3

For the nail art, I went with inspiration from Instagram. allwaspolished is a Harry Potter fan and has a custom stamping plate, and I secretly go to her page and scroll through, admiring all the designs - this is the specific one I wanted to re-create

I used a glittery holo topper from Nvr Enuff Polish - Knight's Honor - to add some sparkle, and made a few DIY water slide decals - from this post here.
This time around, I didn't fill up a whole sheet with images - I just had enough ideas for two rows, and I tried using clear nail polish to seal in the images. I figured, I could just cut the paper and make a few decals at a time, as inspiration finds me, and the clear coat worked as well!