Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Swatch & Art: Tonic Polish - Greenglow & Mermaid Scales

Welcome! Today I have a beautiful duo of Tonic polishes to share, these are exclusives from Color4Nails - Greeglow & Mermaid Scales. As its become the norm for Tonic, these are very shifty and complex colors, so lots of pics here to try and show these off at every angle!
I also have three different nail art designs I did, they're at the very end, so we got a lot to get through in this post, but I hope you like it!
This duo has been restocked a couple of times since its debut, next scheduled stock at C4N is March 10th at 11 am PST, I'm not sure if it'll be available after that, so grab 'em if you want 'em!

Greenglow - is a metallic celadon green multichrome that shifts to a peachy ballet pink with subtle scattered holo

I used 3 thin coats of Greenglow for my swatches; at some angles I could still see the visible nail line,but I shouldn't have worried, 3 is definitely enough!

I struggled to get any of the peachy color to show. but really happy that I got the pink/green showing!

It's a very delicate and ethereal color...and it practically glows! It's like Luminescent and Incandescent - if you've seen my posts on those two

The bottle always shows the color changes the best!

Mermaid Scales - a red-violet multichrome that shifts to gold and green - it has a scattered holo effect and tiny silver holo micro glitters

I forgot to get a pic of the bottom label for this one, so this will have to be a substitute...can you believe it's the same color!? :O I was truly shocked!

This rosy-gold shift was pretty constant on the nails, it they weren't full on rose colored. I used two coats and top coat - its not sheer at all! If you're not familiar with Tonic formula - it's slightly ticker but I think it's ideal for me, sheer polish makes me anxious about how many coats it will take

And then the better believe I was googling additional pics of this polish just to make sure I wasn't losing it! I think it's one of those polishes you just have to see in person to fully grasp its possibilities and shifts...but I tried!

This one turned out to be the surprise stunner for me...I wasn't expecting all of this in one bottle!
And now for the nail arts!

This is almost cheating because it's a water slide decal, so no effort at all! But, I made it, so it counts! (See this post if you're curious on the DIY process)  I really love this picture, it's like twin bottles of Greenglow  and if it was making me smile this much, I had to share it :D

I used black stamping polish and plate BPL-024 from BornPretty Store to stamp these roses. I really like the color contrast on these and even if it's an overused image, its been a while since I used it myself.

Doesn't that soft green look like it's....glowing? :D Punny name!

I really struggled with what to do for Mermaid Scales, but in the end settled for bold flack faux watermarbling

I used image from Bundle Monster plate BM-XL210 and black stamping polish. I messed up the ring finger, but like it true watermarbling, messes and mistakes happen because I have no skill in that category ahaha

No gradients or chrome powders needed...just a super shifty polish!

And for the final one, I had to go with the "scales" because it was too obvious not to!

Just the two polishes combined via scale vinyls from WhatsUpNails

This is probably what mermaid scales look like on real mermaids!

And that is it for these two shifty beauties! I'd love to know if you have a favorite or will be picking up one (or both) of them to add to your own collection!