Friday, March 24, 2017

Swatch & Art: Tonic Polish - The Answer is 42

Welcome back for another post! Today' I've for part 2 of the Rainbow Connection Tonic Polish duo I posted about the other day.

These will only be available for US/Canada customers through 3/26/17 for shipping from the US (direct from Tonic Polish!) so hop to it if you wanna snag these! After that, will have to purchase from RC.

*Post contains a PR product and affiliate links* 

The Answer is 42 - deep violet with teal-red shifting shimmer, a sprinkle of scattered holo, and fuchsia-gold-green shifting flakies

I know where this 42 reference is from but never familiarized myself with The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Universe, so any mention of it just frustrated me, like what does this even mean?? And today, I stumbled on a random post on FB that proposed a theory on its meaning - in short, 42 is computer speak for asterisk, or wildcard, a symbol that means "whatever you want it to be" - per this Reddit proof. So the meaning of life is...whatever you want it to be! Now I feel much better about 42, having this nerdy nugget of knowledge :)

I wasn't sure what to make of it at first, just sitting innocently on my desk it's definitely violet, like my first bottle shot, but in some pictures I've seen it almost looks like a dark blue - the answer is in the insane shimmer!

At first brush stroke - the teal shimmer popped out so vividly!! I ended up using 2 coats and top coat, but as usual, my lighting setup makes my nails look...if not matte, then a bit waxy. I will try to use actual matte top coats for flakies from now on, they definitely highlight them better

This tilted bottle shot just glows! And it also reminded me of a past Tonic - Spellbound, from the fall collection. I have a blog post for it if anyone is curious. 42 has the addition of shimmer and flakies and just more stuff happening, but the base colors remind me of each other

And on to the nail art! I did simple stamping this time, as I got this gold polish to review from Harunouta  - item # 27266 ** 
If you're not familiar with this site, it's basically like a Japanese BornPretty Store, they carry some of the same products (stamping polish/plates/stampers) and have a couple of unique things - for example, they have hehe stamping plates! It's easiest to navigate their site on a PC, so the pages can be translated from Japanese.

I was pleasantly surprised - this polish is thick, metallic, and very very pigmented. Images picked up so well! It may be a 6 ml bottle, but I have a feeling that it will last a long time! For those who aren't fans of mini polishes, there is also a 15 ml option - item #22320**

I used the roses/skull image from plate 35 from Creative Shop  - as a test, I asked my husband if he can find the skull - he took a second but definitely spotted it on my ring finger. I guess it helps to know what you're looking for!

I've got a discount code for Harunouta - POTT300 - works on non-sale items with min purchase of 2000JPY. I understand these kinds of codes are harder to use because practically everything is always on sale, and it's smart to shop sales! But even clicking through the affiliate links will help to inform Harunouta that I've done my job to show their product and let me know that readers are actually interested in stamping ;)