Monday, April 3, 2017

Swatch & Art: Tonic Polish - Sweet Pea

Welcome! I've been a bit quiet as far as the blog goes, but feel like there's been a whirlwind of nail art on my nails over that last week or so, and I had better start to put it up or it will get pushed behind whatever my current design is and never be seen! Today's post features a Tonic Polish - Sweet Pea, and some simple stamping

This polish was available in a VDay collaboration with Ever After polish - each maker did two polishes

Sweet Pea - a cream pea green with a strong pink/peach/lemon shifting shimmer and scattered holo

I feel like my swatch pics did the shimmer no justice, but the bottles offer more insight

I used two coats + top coat, and the pink shimmer is a lot more apparent on the nail

This is actually the second time I'm wearing it, because the first time I did a smoosh mani with it and the color was completely overwhelmed so I stuck it along with the succulent mani featuring Guardians of the Tower

I kept the nail art pretty simple and neutral - stamping and a glitter accent using Cirque Colors - French Roast. I've been meaning to get this glitter out for a coffee mani for a while now, but haven't gotten around to it, but now that I've experienced how quick a few dabs get full coverage, I'll definitely try to use it again. The grittiness of it was something was a lot coarser than pixie dusts or sand finishes and I tried to avoid touching it - I did end up drowning it all under topcoat, and while it looked shiny and glossy, I preferred it in this state, it looked more natural and fitting with the stamped swirls

Stamping plate Creative Shop 11, and stamping polish is BornPretty Store item #22335 (*affiliate link*)