Saturday, April 8, 2017

Swatch & Art: Dreamland Lacquer - A Wedding Dress That Isn't Bright Turquoise

Welcome! I'm pretty excited about this post because there is a lot happening in this mani and the color, it's just perfection! So stick with me, because there is some sandwiching going on that you'll need to know the details of, if you like how this turned out!

We're got another Dreamland Lacquer on our hands! I actually do not own this one, for some crazy reason, but I borrowed it from a friend to play with and as soon as I figured out it's a jelly, I put it aside on my desk to just stare at it in contemplation...

A Wedding Dress That Isn't Bright Turquoise - turquoise jelly filled with red to green color shifting shimmer (think unicorn pee!)
So the reason I put this off for so long, is because of how sheer the jelly is..supposedly it's opaque in 2-3 coats, but in reality, my free edge is really visible and there's no way this would hide it. However, using undies is the solution I went for, it was just a matter of finding one I liked...

And the of course, I forgot to even get pictures of my base because I couldn't wait to get the layering going - but I used a creme from Fair Maiden called Good Eye Might. It was part of Spring 2016 collection and I honestly forgot how good FM cremes are until I put it on...I got away with just one coat! And then I layered 1 coat of the Dreamland over it, so that's what you see in these swatches.

I didn't capture as much of the shift on my nails, but just look at that's magic. The hot unicorn pee polish right now is ILNP The Magician - I assume that Wedding Dress is like a tinted version of that. Since I had to give the Dreamland back to its owner, I'm wondering how I can get the same look with manipulating The Magician...probably by using a lot of different turquoise polishes till I find a combo close to this! Sinful Colors Kold Kash looks promising..

And why stop with one unicorn pee topper when I own something else...

Ta-da! Welcome back to Glam Polish An Unexpected Journey! I'm still pretty enamored with this topper and have not gone through every layering idea I came up with, so it will continue to make appearances on the blog! Maybe when I've had enough, I'll compile various pics together to show off its versatility.

At this point I've got a creme base, shimmer topper, glitter topper, and another shimmer topper (and top coat, of course) all sandwiched together to get this result. Also at this point I'm thinking "Did I just dupe Glam Polish Chamber of Secrets...a polish I actually own??" Close, but no cigar. Chamber of Secrets is creamier looking, and having glitters mixed in vs applied on top always looks different and sets polishes apart.

Now that I look at it, I'm questioning why I didn't go with something oceany or mermaidy, but what's done is done, and I actually did like the result a lot!

For the stamping I used plate 22 from Creative Shop - I colored in the flowers with CG Too Yacht to Handle, so it's kind of tone on tone and a mix of the plaid and floral trend.
Speaking of Creative Shop...I just got 8 new plates in the mail *_* it's epic and overwhelming and no shortage of images to use!
Hope you enjoyed the post, until next time!