Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Swatch & Art: Dreamland Lacquer -The Search is Over

Welcome! Today's post is of a brand that's new to the blog - Dreamland Lacquer! I fell for this gorgeous purple and had to have it asap - and of course it inspired nail art so I've got a couple designs to add, as well as an awesome jelly sandwich!

The Search is Over - is a purple-pink jelly polish with color shifting pigment - like "unicorn pee" -showing red/green/gold

Please note that it IS a jelly polish - so it's on the sheer side, and I used 3 coats to get the coverage you see in these pictures. Of course, undies can be used, but I like to use the polish as is on my first go with it

I still had a bit of a visible nail line going on, but it was alright, didn't drive me crazy and the shimmer helped to mask it. And I learned that using a nude colored ridge filling base coat helps with the VNL - the free edge isn't as white then! Wish I read that before I started polishing, but definitely a good tip for future reference

I really wanted to use gold with this purple, they're such regal-looking colors. I picked Sinful Colors - Gold Medal, because it stamps and I got a new plate I was itching to use!

Clear Jelly Stamper released a new layering plate not too long ago, called Veil of Old Japan, I'm a sucker for Asian designs and after drooling over all the manis popping up on IG - like this one by nails4cocktails, that blew my mind - I just ordered it. Try as I might to be frugal and peruse my existing plates to see if I had similar imagery, it's just worth it to buy the plate, cuz I couldn't stop thinking about it! This is kind of in an advanced stamping category, because images need to be stamped in multiple sections to complete the design, and clear stampers are a must for this. So for the flower branches - part 1 is black branch, part 2 is gold flower, part 3 is white flower.  

And you know a polish is awesome if you want to use it back to back! For this one, I went with a jelly sandwich application, and used Glam Polish - An Unexpected Journey for my glitter filling. I did 1 coat jelly, 1 coat glitter, and 1 more coat of jelly. My accent finger is that same Gold Medal with 2 coats of Unexpected Journey over it.

This sandwiching business looks like the polish was just made this way - and there certainly are polishes like this, Glams come to mind, especially the Wizarding and Fantastic Beasts collections. But there is something satisfying about being able to say "I made dis" :D I need to get more jellies now!

Second stamping is with the same plate, Veil of Old Japan. Aren't these swirly clouds just perfect? Definitely Oriental looking, and now I want a purple kimono like this ahaha
The cranes were stamped in layers - first, a white bird body, and then a black outline. The clouds, I just made decals and filled in the white bits randomly and applied to the nails.
And that is it! If you have a favorite out of all these, I'd love to know which!