Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Miscellaneous Nail Art - January 2017

Hello & welcome! A whole month of 2017 already passed and I wanted to try something new, at least as far as the blog goes, so let's dive in.

As you may have guessed by the post title - this will be an assortment of nail art that I want to share, but it doesn't really fit into my usual "Swatch & Art" format. I think the main push for this is that I keep wanting to wear the same polishes again after I have already swatched them. but don't know how to present them. So let's try this!

If you've seen some of my Tonic Polish posts, you may recognize Slitherin' here - it had its own post in October (see here), Since I was doing some Harry Potter inspired nail art not too long ago, I put this one together as well.
Plates: hehe 27; CICI & SISI Halloween 04
Polishes; BornPretty Store - Black; Sinful Colors -Casablanca

This one's outside of my norm, as there's no stamping here, but I was excited to try something new! I learned that there is such a thing as gel paint and you can cure it and rub in pigments (like all those chrome ones!) and it seems a bit easier than trying to do the design with foil.

I've seen the snake/reptile scale tutorials on YouTube and finally got to try it for myself - this is the painted and cured stage. I got the gel paint for less than a $1 on Aliexpress!

And after I added gold, I used some clear gel polish to fill in the scales to add some dimension and a 3D feel. The gel all kind of pooled together, but I don't mind. I'm not one to use gel a lot so my standard for working with it is pretty low, haha.

And yup, it's another Tonic Polish! This time it's - I seriously cannot believe how beautiful it is, I wore this mani for a whole week! This polish has its own post here.

And the last one if this gorgeous garden of succulents. Or I guess they can be roses/flowers. but the original intent is definitely succulents!! I bet you're shaking your head thinking "Another Tonic bottle??"...haha, yes! If you own any, you know how beautiful they are! I just can't put them down!

Plate: UR Beautiful 13 (it's an Aliexpress knockoff of Uber Chic -Succulents)
Polishes: Tonic Polish - Light of Lyra, Slitherin', Luminescent, Incandescent, Poison Rose, Alchemy, Sophia and a random green creme, and BornPretty Store -Black
*Edited to add: it looks like the knock off plates may not be sold anymore - I checked my order history and that plate is no longer available, however, the original is on UberChic site 

That's it for my little miscellaneous collection! I realized that my little blog just turned 3 years old this January...but please don't go looking for my first posts, I cringe at the though! I don't blog as much as I would like to, and I don't make yearly resolutions or set goals for myself. I just want to continue enjoying nail polish and nail art and share it here! Maybe this misc type of post can be a little "happy birthday" gift to myself - knowing I don't have to worry too much about making full posts and do more nail art just for fun!