Friday, January 6, 2017

Swatch & Art: Tonic Polish - Incandescent

Hello and welcome back to another blog post! Yup, it's another Tonic Polish on my nails, haha. They really are lovely, and I want to share them, so here we go! This one will be short :)

It's not a color you'd normally see on my nails, so this is branching out a bit on my part :D
Incandescent - a metallic ballet pink multichrome that shifts to peach and icy lemon yellow with a subtle scattered holo sparkle

If you've seen my previous swatch posts, you might be wondering..err...what happened to the bottle? Eheh, this is actually a mini sized bottle that I got when I swapped with a friend, and she went to the lengths of getting a label for it!  Initially this color reminded me a bit of rose gold and I tend to shy away from those, so I didn't add it to my order when the collection launched. Now I think I need a full size bottle for fear of running out :D

I'm still far from attempting any sort of video taking, but I wanted to put together a gif to show the color shifts. The last slide is what I'll call "art" for this post, scroll down to see what it is!

The metallic pink definitely showed on me! I used two coats in my swatches and surprisingly didn't feel like I really needed a third. My VNL showed only a little and isn't that obvious.

But find another angle and voila, icy lemon yellow! Pretty impressive, right? It's such a dainty shade but there you have it...multichromes are magic <3

My art ended up being pretty minimal and I don't think it even qualifies...because I just used a topper! I had my design planned out - the specific stamping plate and decals I'd need. And then I couldn't find the plate and rather than turn my room upside-down in frustration, I chilled, watched some movies with the hubs, and ended up breaking a nail in that time. Now even if the plate surfaced, I wouldn't be able to pull off what I intended because I filed down my nails ;_; I really need to experiment more with gels to get a solution for mending broken nails that's doesn't involve a fake tip.

This is the magical topper!! Glam Polish - An Unexpected Journey
 Last week I mentioned that I wanted to watch The Hobbit, we didn't get to it but did see 1 and a 1/2 of the LOTR movies so I still felt like my nails were on theme :D

I'm at a loss on how to describe what this polish is - it's a clear base with color shifting iridescent glitter and fine holo microglitter. Iridescent, opalescent, crushed opals in a bottle? This is my first purchase from Glam Polish, and it's these glitters that sucked me on. There's a whole "Wizardly Ways" collection - with two references to Harry Potter (Chamber of Secrets & Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them [I had to get Chamber of Secrets - because teal]) - as well as Oz the Great and Powerful, Dark Crystal and Dungeons & Dragons. I'd want all the polishes for the names alone, nevermind that they're all beautiful! But I went with two, and think the topper can be used to create many more looks! On its own it would take a while to get opaque, using up lots of precious polish in the process, so I'll just be layering it.

I think these two go together really well! The topper didn't take away from the color shifts of Incandescent, and added a lot more bling and sparkle *_*

I thought I was nearing the end of my Tonic polishes to show, but I just got another 3 in the mail this week sooo....they'll have to get on my nails rather soon! 
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