Friday, January 13, 2017

Swatch & Art: Nvr Enuff Polish - Olivanders Wandlore

Hello and welcome to yet another blog post! Sorry that I've been quiet this week, I've been working on getting some polished swatched and ready to show, so I've had a few things up on Instagram, but it's time to tie them all in. And here it is!
Nvr Enuff Polish - Olivanders Wandlore collection (third Harry Potter related collection from NEP) - focusing on magical creatures (and their properties and use in the making of wands!) I've got 4 polishes and nail art for each one, so check it out!

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If you're a fan of indie polish, and any of the numerous fandoms out there, you've got to know that there are nail polish collections inspired by various shows and pop culture. If you didn't already know that NEP has released Harry Potter inspired polish, consider yourself informed! There have been three collections - and they have already had their grand release, the numerous restocks, and have gone into retirement. However, due to the passing of Alan Rickman (or better known as Professor Snape to the Potterheads) - the girls behind NEP have brought these collections back as tribute, and use a portion of the profit made from sales to donate to The Cancer Research Institute.
When: 1/14/17 - from 11 am PST to 1/15/17 5 pm PST
$$: Collections will be sold as set of 4, for $34 + shipping

I don't have all 12 polishes from all of the releases, but I do have the latest 4. If you came to check out the nail art deets - please scroll down to that section! This will be long, so lets get started!

 Phoenix Feather - a fiery bright red with orange/gold shifting shimmer and linear holo

I used two easy coats and top coat. The shimmer definitely shows and warms this up so you have fiery tips

If you're familiar with my color preferences, you know I don't usually reach for reds often, this color makes me question why not? Definitely going to have to branch out into different color spectra this year

Basilisk Horn - a blackened green that's filled with white, silver and green flakes, lime/gold/pink UCC (Ultra Chrome Chameleon)  flakes and linear holo

You can really see the complexity of the flakies in the bottle!

When I looked up wand cores, it's actually supposed to be a scale rather than a horn; but horn sounds may sound more appealing (or powerful/rare) so there's a slight naming variation here

But doesn't it remind you of the forbidden forest? :o

Dragon Heartstring - multichrome topper best used over darker colors but looks equally as stunning over blues & purple; shifts from bronze, copper, red, gold/green and has shifty large hex glitters and linear holo

Many eyes were first drawn to this collection because of this polish. It is so unique!! Please note, this IS a topper, it would take about 4 coats to reach opacity and as it performs so well layered, I did use 1 coat over a black base

Magic in a bottle <33

Unicorn pee, anyone? Or is "dragon pee" more appropriate in this one? Hehe

I always struggle to show holo, but I hope you can imagine how much bling-ier it is IRL!

And last but definitely not least...

Unicorn Hair - a delicate build-able topper filled with white/silver, pearl and blue shift shimmers, and a bit of linear holo

This is another topper - it's really dainty and pearlescent, it'll likely take 4 coats on its own for opacity. But it packs such a punch over black that I just had to layer it! Plus, this distinct clue shimmer reminded me of something that ended up working into my nail art..hopefully you can see it too

Two coats of Unicorn Hair over black; I did use two for the swatches because I really really wanted to make it an intense blue...and because I got carried away applying it

And now for the nail arts!!

Hopefully you can see how these tie into Harry Potter, but I'll go along and try to explain my line of thought :)

Yup. Phoenix. Pretty literal with this one, haha. I used red (item 22324) and gold (item 22320) stamping polish from BornPretty Store
Hehe stamping plate 34
I think if you don't have a specific phoenix image, you can easily use a peacock and change the color scheme ;)

Forbidden forest and some unicorns! This was a fun one to put together - I used a clear stamper and layered lots of different bits from a couple of Bundle Monster plates
BM-S306, BM-S178, BM-XL214
Polishes used: BornPretty Store white (item 22323) and metallic green (item 23198); Sally Hansen Insta-Dri -Emerald Express, Color Club - Harp On It

Double stamped unicorns!!

I really fail at showing holo...the unicorns were so sparkly!

Dragon Heartstring obviously had to be...

BornPretty Store black stamping polish (item 22322) and a Messy Mansion plate MM21, and Creative Shop plate 35 for the dragons on my ring finger

My inspiration was the Hungarian Horntail dragon. I think it's pretty fitting - black scales, yellow eyes, bronze colored horns and spikes, and fiery breath (think of the glitters are tiny sparks of fire)

Did the icy blue of Unicorn Hair perhaps remind you of a...patronus?

I wanted to do a mani with a little doe for so long, and this was the perfect opportunity! Snape's patronus is a doe...and Unicorn Hair wow'ed me and actually stamped. I double stamped to give it more color, but even with one coat, it was pretty visible!
Doe and pine tree are from Bundle Monster plate BM-S163
Index finger is supposed to be Hogwarts castle but I admit you really have to know the silhouette to distinguish anything; it's from plate hehe 30
The iconic "Always" was made with a vinyl (from the time I harassed my cousin into cutting me a couple images), but it was so fine that it didn't really show up well. I went over it with a sharpie like a boss. But you can see the difference between the two photos

And that is it! If you're not a Harry Potter fan and didn't get my ramblings, I hope you enjoyed the polish at least!

Nvr Enuff Polish
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