Monday, July 9, 2018

The Digit-al Dozen Presents - White: Day 1

BornPretty Store Unicorn Flakes 40879
The Digit-al Dozen is back for the month of July and our theme is "White"! At first I was kind of frozen at the though of white nails for 5 days, because all I could picture were white cream nails and that's as far as I got! Thankfully, I think we've all overcome that initial thought and I can't wait to see what the ladies contribute! Link up at the bottom of the post as usual, so let's dive in!

*Products provided as press sample for review*

I've got some review items from BornPretty Store to go through, I picked this  unicorn flake (item #40879-1) as the first thing, and despite the wordy name trying to capture every popular nail trend out the (actual name: Chameleon Neon Unicorn Powder Mirror Iridescent Flakies Sequins Chrome Pigment) the flakies are lovely. Looking at them in the container, I get the unicorn reference for sure! 
BornPretty Store Unicorn Flakes 40879
I applied a black polish as my base and once it was dry, I added a coat of Unt peel off basecoat - using regular top coats will likely crack the effect so I didn't want to risk it. Then with a fluffy brush (fan can work too) I dabbed the flakes on while the clear coat was still wet. In some areas I put so much flakes on that they took on this silvery/white color and I though I can get away with using this for the white prompt!  
BornPretty Store Unicorn Flakes 40879
BornPretty Store Unicorn Flakes 40879
Even in the macro there are more white colored flakes! To top it off, I used another coat of
Unt and once that was dry, I applied my regular quick dry top coat. I like the look, but thought it's something that might work better for like a NYE mani.
If making a purchase through BornPretty Store, I'd appreciate if you used my 10% off code KOIQ10 if it applies to your order (non-sale items)!

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