Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Swatch & Art: Tonic Polish - Come Wander

Welcome~! So I was diligently working on swatching my newest Tonics when I was completely derailed by the arrival of a luminaura powder. If you haven't seen it around yet, look it up on IG or YT, it's mesmerizing! But being a chrome powder, they work best with gels, and gels can be a pain, so it's slow going, I'm on my third mani but still have so much I want to test. But I did finish this little gem, as I heart it would be restocked, so it seemed relevant to do the write up ;)

It's a complex one, so lots of pictures, get ready!
Come Wander - a periwinkle base with pink shimmer, it's a strong linear holographic polish with a multichrome shimmer which shifts golden green, and it has iridescent flakies

First thing's first, the bottle shots - I think they always show off really well all the potential of a color and I was really pleased with this shot

No kidding about that golden green shimmer, it's pretty apparent!

One thing I will mention up front - and it has a little disclaimer on the listing - there is a noticeable smell from one of the ingredient, but it does go away when the polish dries. I noticed it right away when I opened by bottle and mentioned it to my friend, who said she didn't smell a thing -so I guess it varies!

I used two coats and top coat for the swatches - no issues with application, but in the now well known Tonic fashion - the polishes do tend to be a little bit on the thicker side, which works for me!

This is one I would recommend looking at multiple swatches of, there are quite a few on the website's own listing, but more doesn't hurt and only improves the chances at capturing everything!

Without the listing's description that it's a periwinkle base, looking at this lower lighting swatch, I would say it's more of a slate blue, as that's what I see the majority of the time. I honestly love seeing a variety of swatches and how everyone perceives and describes the colors! I think they're all accurate, given how much shifts and shimmer there is - something this complex can't be captured with just one word!

So, I know that in my lightbox set up, the polish often ends up looking like I applied a satin or matte top coat, and that's rarely the case! Come Wander has such a strong holographic effect, I would feel like I'm trying to sell you guys short if I don't attempt to show it!
Be warned, this is where I don't know what I'm doing so ignore all that and just focus on the magical polish, please!

Yes, this is still that same polish...

See, there's holo!

And back to my comfort zone - stamping!

I used a pale blue stamping polish and Creative Shop plate 14 for the plaid print. Then I made a bunch of little decals of succulents and reverse stamped them onto the nails. I've previously used this same knock-off Aliexpress plate - again, original one is from UberChic for anyone that wants one. I'm daydreaming of a CS succulent plate..I bet it would be stunning!

And that concludes this lengthy post! Hope you enjoyed the polish - it's getting restocked for sure, the date hasn't been announced yet though, so keep an eye out if it's on your wishlist now~!

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