Saturday, June 17, 2017

Swatch & Art: Tonic Polish - Taking on Toronto

Hello and welcome~! The week is coming to a close, and I, for one, am glad of it! Last weekend I took out a drawer of polish and actually swatched nail tips and made labels, so a kind of mini organization project. That is, until I ran out of label tape! I hope to pick up a refill and continue on, and it's also a nice refresher on what's in the collection that may have gotten pushed back by newcomers. This one though, went onto my nails right away when I got it, and I know there's much anticipation for its official release, so I wanted to share!

If you didn't already know about this polish, then the name might give you a hint! This was included in VIP bags for Indie Expo Canada - which took place in Toronto just a couple of weeks ago. While the event exclusive polishes can only be purchased through IEC, the ones falling into a "limited edition" category are allowed to be released to the general public for sale, and Tonic's Taking on Toronto is LE. Lucky for us!! Release 6/18/17 - 2 pm CDT

Taking on Toronto - a gunmetal grey holo with pink/gold shifting shimmer, ultra holo micro glitters and color shifting flakies

To be honest, I had to harass Amy (Linsdey's sister that takes care of CS) for the official color description because I was questioning my eyes. The "gunmetal grey" part did make me go "ohh that makes sense now" because in some lighting situations the polish did look a lot lighter than my initial impression of it. Funny that it came up now, as a couple of days ago there was discussion in a FB group (AA for those who know) regarding makers providing this info vs swatchers/bloggers using their own descriptors.

If I'm going with my own version, then I call it a milk chocolate brown with reddish shimmer that makes the color looks like some expensive wood encrusted with holo glitter and bits of amber flake. That's a pretty fantastical descriptor, but then, I don't typically make them up, so why not? But for variety's sake, I experimented and polled my friends (controlling variable was the same bottle shot seen above):
A: a chocolate brown holo with a burgundy shift and gold shimmer with large holo glitter
B: purple-y brown
C: rich chocolate with burgundy shimmer
L: blackened bronze multichrome
S: the color of Melissandre's hair, with unicorn pee and glitter

I can sort of see where S got the "unicorn pee" notion - that's actually my hubby and he likes to be involved by helping me edit pics sometimes, so he got to see a lot more shots and at the edges it does look yellowy-green which is a shift in the unicorn pee, but I don't think it qualifies, plus, I'm sure it would have been announced as that's a hard to get ingredient!

The flakes really give their own contribution when the light isn't making the shimmer overshadow everything

I really really wanted to do a wood grain design in foil to pair with this one, but I was trying out new products for the first time and it all failed so I went with foil flowers. I'm playing with a stamping polish that works for foil and pigments! Still figuring it out, that's why the flowers didn't transfer completely, but it's just attempt #2!

Moyra foil stamping polish in black, and their gold foil. Plate is Creative Shop 61. I did add a matte top coat this time, the better to see the foil.

In the end, I really do think that "brown" won as the most popular color descriptor for this one!

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