Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Swatch & Art: Tonic Polish - The Places You'll Go

Welcome! Just another swatched Tonic polish from my collection -but it was a special release, as part of the May birthday duo. This was the second polish, first one is that I showed a few weeks ago - You'll Move Mountains. 

The Places You'll Go - emerald green base with green/blue/purple/pink/gold shifting multichrome shimmer

Because it's a multichrome, it's of a thinner consistency than usual Tonic formula, and starts off on the sheer side. I applied 3 coats and top coat for my swatches.

You can really tell that it's a green base in some lighting, and in bottle shots so pay close attention to those

Looking at my pics, I realized they're pretty much all showing the green/blue/purple shifts and I'm OK with that as I really enjoy those colors!

The gold shows a tiny bit in the upper portion of the index nail

Another reason I liked this polish was purely for entertainment. When I feel my hubby has been talking too long about cars during our daily commute, I just casually slide my hand over to him in an unspoken "look at my polish, isn't it pretty?" and then ask him what color it is. It's especially fun when we see different colors from our perspectives, so it's kind of a trick question!

Alright, and now for the nail art! I actually wore this polish specifically to have it on for June 26th as that's a 1 year anniversary of Tonic Polish! It fell on the same day as the 20th anniversary of the first Harry Potter book release, so I went with that theme for the art. Sorry about the multitude of pics, I really loved the outcome!


I feel like the pictures didn't capture how epic this was, or at least, that's how I felt about it.

For my stamping plates I used:
Creative Shop 69
Hehe plate 36
My Online Shop JR-2
images stamped with white gel paint and burnished with Luminaura powder
And that's the secret, the powder made it glow and shimmer and irl it was really pretty

I tried to draw over the stamping to give it more of a embossed/3D look and since I have no freehand skills, my lines didn't come out even, but that didn't ruin the mani for me

You can really see where I messed up on the pinkie with the stamping. The first time around the lines were too faint so I thought I would stamp again to make them more's gel paint so I ended up with a double image and the powder burnished into both. Ooops. But it was my first time trying this new medium, so I'll do better next time!

And that is all! Thanks for reading this far :)

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