Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Swatch & Art: Tonic Polish - You'll Move Mountains

Hello & Welcome! It's hard to believe that we're in the last days of May - soon to be halfway through the year!! As my birth month is ending...and with it, the more lax shopping I've allowed myself to do ;), it's time to show off some goodies!
I've been anxiously waiting the delivery of my latest Tonic order, the spring collection and some limited edition polishes, and had the whole mani planner as soon as I saw this beautiful green, and it was definitely the first to go on my nails!
You'll Move Mountains - a glowing emerald shimmer
As usual with Tonic polishes, they're really pigmented and cover well - I used two coats and glossy top coat.

Since this is an LE polish - it was made for Lindsey's (the maker) son's bday - it won't be around forever! It's still currently in stock, so get it if you want it, while you still can! 

Add some light and watch it glow!!

I always struggle with pictures outside of the lightbox I use, but I'm pretty happy with how these came out, and I hope they better convey this color!

For the art, I applied lilies of the valley with reverse stamping. Lily of the valley and lilacs are my favorite flowers, and I was happy to see the image on a CreativeShop stamping plate 60.

I grabbed some random green and white polish that was hanging out on my desk and made the decal, but set it aside for weeks while I waited for the Tonic polish to arrive. Sometimes I get fixated on specific images pairing with certain polishes, and end up putting off my planned designs until I have both pieces..I think I'm happiest with those ones!

Unfortunately, by the time I was actually applying my decal, I realized one wasn't enough and I should use two - but the random green wandered off my desk, and I had to use something different..I hope the difference isn't too noticeable... What I was happy about, is that my decal had survived spending weeks on a stamper head! I did not add any clear coat when I first made it, just the filled in colors, so when I topped it off with clear, it was really pliable and behaved well when I applied to the nail.

And that is it for the mani! I hope you enjoyed! I have a lot more Tonics that I am happily putting on already, I just have to remind myself to actually blog about them!  

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