Friday, May 12, 2017

Swatch & Art: KBShimmer - We Make Your Dreams Come Blue

Welcome back to another post! I am super excited about this one, and hope at least some readers recognize what this mani is based on!!

We may be hitting temps in the 70s-80s,but winter is coming! Actually, it may already be here ;)
First thing's first - the gorgeous base polish!

As you can see from the label, this is an exclusive polish to a recent Polish Con, that took place in NY. KBShimmer decided to sell the remaining bottles online, so those that couldn't go in person could stick pick it up! I'm thrilled to have gotten a bottle. As soon as I saw swatches of this polish, I got desperate to find a "mule" - thankfully a friend was actually attending the event and got me a bottle <3

We Make Your Dreams Come Blue - icy blue jelly that is loaded with holographic micro flakes and turquoise shimmer. I used 3 coats plus topcoat for my swatches. Cindy got away with just 2 coats as I keep my nails shorter on the right hand.

I don't own a lot of KBShimmers but I feel like this is a new kind of finish...there may have been hints that more like this will come in the near future ;) From the polishes I do own, all of them apply really smoothly without any issues, and this one is no different, I hardly needed any clean up!

I'll share a little secret...I'm daydreaming of a Game of Thrones custom polish collection. Once in a while a maker here or there releases polishes inspired by GoT, but I feel like I'm super picky because I love the show and the books so much, that I'm always wanting something different. One of my dream polishes is a perfect "white walker blue" -if you're not familiar with the show, here's a little visual (source):

WMYDCT is the closest thing I've seen to my imaginary blue, so I definitely had to have it! And thankfully, there are some images popping up on stamping plates now that I can use, instead of relying on decals!

I used plate 35 and 46 from Creative Shop Stamping - I had to shrink the white walkers face a bit. For the shattered ice I used navy stamping polish and then double stamped it with Color Club Harp On It; "Winter is Here" was also double stamped with black and white but the black is hardly visible there.

This is another one of those designs that turns out just as I've imagined and it's such a satisfying feeling! Now I think I need to do a fire based one!

I'd love to know if anyone that reads my blog is also a GoT fan...with a mani like this, I feel that people will either get it or not. But it's something I really enjoy and was so happy rocking this design!

I'm expecting a package with polishes next week, and am eager to put them on and show them off, so check back next weekend please! I'm taking a vaca and will likely wear the same mani all week before I have a chance to change it up...I don't know how I'll deal with that, but it'll have to do!