Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Swatch & Art: Nvr Enuff Polish - Blue-icorn

Welcome! Today's I've got a quick post featuring more cherry blossoms! This time I went with a blue theme as it's been too long since I reached for them!

For my base color I started with Nvr Enuff Polish - Blue-icorn. I wasn't around when this color was originally released, so had to wait patiently for a while to pick this up - it's part of the unicorns line, they're mainly creamy holos and I just love the formula! 
I used two coats for my swatches and topcoat, I really enjoy the opaqueness, rarely do I need 3 coats for a NEP.

I wanted to gradient it with another NEP that's been a favorite of mine from the moment it was release - Unicorn Flower.

Gradient work  in progress!! I used a new to me product, Vapid - Commitment Issues. It's actually intended to be a clear drying base coat, for easy peel off. But latex is widely used for cuticle protection, why not double up on it's purposes if it works ;)

Next, I used a topper to add some magic, Models Own - Indian Ocean

Honestly, the inspiration to use this topper came from a beautiful polish from Baroness X called Sakura Skies - I wanted to try and mimic it with polishes I already owned, and I really do love the effect!

If you don't own the Models Own, but want it, I've been told that Sally Hansen Let's Get Digital is a dupe -and still readily available!

For the stamping, I went back to the gorgeous Clear Jelly Stamper plate, Veil of Old Japan
Spring is in the air! I hoped you enjoyed the mani, I think I got my cherry blossom fix for this season now!

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