Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Stamping: Winter Trees

This mani was a lot of fun to make and with way more polishes than I normally use! The multi-stamp layering is more complex than what I've tried before, and I have a new stamper to play with from the Creative Shop. Overall I'm really pleased with the result, hope you enjoy it as well!

 The first plate I used to stamp with is CICI&SISI 02 - the smudged lines image, and I used 3 colors to stamp that onto my nail; SH Insta-Dri Gone Grey, MdU #33 (light grey) and SH Color Foil in Sterling Silver. 
 Then I used MdU #1 (white) and MdU #2 (black) to layer the branches over each other.

 Birds image is from MoYou London Mother Nature 14
 Tree branches image is from Winstonia Hunter's Life
Base polish is Bonita Dying to Party