Sunday, November 9, 2014

#52WPNMC - 3 Shades of Blue

 The two prompts for this week were - domestic animals and 3 shades of blue. I attempted to do 2 in 1, with slight cheating!

 My first cheat is that I didn't really use 3 blues - one being a thermal, and as you can see from the tips, the temperature change was enough to yield two colors. It's like gradient in a bottle! This lovely polish is my newest addition from I,A.M..Custom Color Cosmetics - it's called Permafrost. I was worried that it would be too sheer, so to safeguard myself I used a white base first, and although the polish is supposed to go white to blue, it's not truly white - even in it's warmest state there was always a blue tinge to it.

In the above photo the thermal effect is very visible (and it's natural, no water play here!) most likely because my nail lengths are uneven, lol.  But in it's cold state it's a pretty periwinkle blue with a fainy holo effect. For once my nails changed colors easily without me meddling with water temps and I'm really excited about that - it means the weather is perfect to bring out my other thermals and drool over their beauty!

My second cheat is the domestic animal - I don't think birds are domestic (not talking about parrots!) but people do put up bird feeders and bird baths so I'm going to loosely count them! I have been waiting for my Bundle Monster plate set to use this image "birds on a line" (BM-614) and even though I ordered on Friday like a lot of ladies, I did not get mine on Monday like some - mine arrived on Thursday. Which means all week I wore the same mani, anticipating that nail mail to complete this look - and I gotta say, Permafrost held up really well! Applied on Sunday, and on Thursday I had slight tip wear showing and a little chip on my pointer finger. So I tried to patch up the little chip by conveniently covering it with a bit of glitter from a second I,A.M...Custom Colors polish - Glacial. This glitter topped has all kinds of stuff going on in it - stars, snowflakes, hexes, circles, squares, bar glitter - in white and shades of blue, all in a pale blue jelly base. 
And check out that label!! I'm gonna admit, that holo peacock was one of the reasons I bought this lovely duo (I read that the label will change and wanted to snag it while I could.) I just wish I could get more of their awesome polishes!

So there's my (cheating) addition to this week's 52 Weeks Pick And Mix Challenge - I hope you enjoyed it!