Saturday, November 15, 2014

#StampingSaturday + Enchanted Polish

It counts as Stamping Saturday if you started last Saturday and then had to wait for decent weather for photos and then make a post the following Saturday...right? Because that's what happened with these!
To be honest, I was not that thrilled about my mystery Enchanted Polish October 2014...this is not a color I'd choose myself, but it being a mystery - I have no choice other than "to buy or not to buy"! I'm sad to say that I felt the same about the May 2014 polish, and these two are the only monthlies I've purchased!

My husband called this color "olive drab" and I laughed and asked if a holo can be drab? Because actually it is a holo polish, and pretty unique as I haven't seen others in this color range. So I thought it's be a good one to finally use for a camo mani.

It turned out rather well! I used CiCi & SiSi plate 02 and Sinful Colors Gold Medal and Peppered Amazon to stamp with. 
Sorry Amy (The Fancy Side) I've been slacking on the linkups :(