Friday, August 11, 2017

Tonic Polish - Unicorn Pee Collection; Swatch & Review

Tonic Polish Unicorn Pee Collection Swatches
Indie polish fans already know what the term "unicorn pee" means, and are no doubt excited for this upcoming collections. For anyone else raising an eyebrow at this..check out the polish swatches in the post, hopefully it will make sense :)

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Swatch & Art: Tonic Polish - One Million Flowers

Hello & Welcome! Tonic Polish fans are gearing up for an awesome launch this coming Sunday, and I've got some things to show off before the big day! Other than a whole new, very special, collection being released - there is also a duo with Ever After. I've got the Tonic part of the duo in this post, so let's take a look!
Tonic Polish One Million Flowers Nail Polish Swatch

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Art: Nvr Enuff Polish - In The Depths

Lookie here, two posts back to back! I wasn't kidding when I say my blog is like feast or famine, lol. I just swatched a gorgeous collection from Nvr Enuff Polish - see the post here, and now I'll show the art I did with it.

Swatch & Review: Nvr Enuff Polish - In The Depths

Hello and welcome! If you've seen some of my IG posts recently, then you know that I've been working on - Nvr Enuff Polish - In The Depths collection! This is a stunning ocean inspired 5 piece, so lets get into it!