Saturday, August 5, 2017

Swatch & Review: Nvr Enuff Polish - In The Depths

Hello and welcome! If you've seen some of my IG posts recently, then you know that I've been working on - Nvr Enuff Polish - In The Depths collection! This is a stunning ocean inspired 5 piece, so lets get into it!

*Polish provided as press sample for review*
This collection was just launched last week, the colors are perfect for summer! Restocks happen bi-weekly, so next one is 8/12/17 - 11 am PST. Calendar it, cuz these colors are stunning! I will have all the nail art in a separate post to attempt shortening the length of the collection overview; see art here. And let's dive in!

The Song of the Sea - a deep teal base with gold and green glitters and a splash of red/gold crystal clear flakes and linear holo

If you've read any of my previous blog posts or seen some art, you know teal is a color I am instantly drawn to, so of course I used this one first! Isn't it stunning??

I used 3 coats and top coat on this one - it's glitter and flake packed so you'll definitely need top coat to smooth it out. It can be opaque in 2 coats but I seriously was mesmerized by the color while applying it so I went with 3. Plus I have longer nails so I want more coverage on them.

Do note that an ingredient in this polish has a stronger fragrance than usual, it goes away once dried and topcoated, but it's worth mentioning. There are just some pigments and flakes that happen to have a stronger smell and typically they're in blue/teal polishes, but it doesn't hang around.

Doesn't it look like some exotic waters? Or twinkling gold coins in the's definitely asking for a beach nail art!

While swatching this stunner, I wondered how close it is to Lapis Lazuli - another Nvr Enuff polish. I pulled it out of my stash and it is much blue-er, and instead of glitters it's full of flakies. Of course I'm glad I have both!

Mermaid Lagoon - a light turquoise linear holo with pink, maroon, red, real and iridescent glitters in multi finishes and sizes

What can I saw..2 coats, top coat, perfection! All you need is some mermaid vinyls and you're good to go!

See that giant pink glitter on my pinkie? It's like finding a huge gem!

The linear holo isn't even showing in my pics, but it's a stunning polish! The makers are really nailing this whole ocean theme here and I'm loving it!

Moving on to the next one....

Treasure of the Tides - a sandy based glittery holo made up of silver and gold flakes, silver and gold galaxy holo glitters, a splash of multi-colored glitters, iridescent glitters, red crystal flakes and gold shimmer

This one honestly surprised me.. I'm always going silver rather than gold, but this polish has so much going on with it! Again, 2 coats and top coat were perfect!

The tiny glitters of various colors gave me the impression of gems strewn in a sandy a pirate ship crashed and spilled its goods

I've been to the beach a couple of weeks ago, but what we got on the Oregon coast, is not beautiful sandy gold with sea glass and shells...or if we do have that, it's now where I went lol! Seeing a beach like this polish is a dream of mine, I assume I'll need to go elsewhere for it and bring heavy duty sunscreen :)

Here we have a surprising one!

Water Flower - A light rosy/peach vase with iridescent and clear galaxy glitters and linear holo

I've mentioned it before of the blog - occasionally I go to a local polish addicts meet up, and there was one scheduled shortly after I got my swatch mail, so I brought it with me for "show and tell". I mean, I think it's pretty awesome to see a polish irl before ordering it online, it's not like we have the option to see things in person when we shop, we're relying on swatches of others - seeing it in person is a whole other level. I know I've definitely added things to my wishlist or even purchased because of seeing the polish irl. Everyone of my friends said they like this color but shy away from these shades, due to how it looks with their skintones. That got me questioning if it'll be fine with me, as usualy that's not something I consider...I ended up really really liking Water Flower!

2 coats and top coat, easy peasy application. I felt so feminine and dainty with this color, and trust me, there is definitely holo here!

While typing this up, I totally remembered a NEP that may be close to this and pulled it from my drawers to compare. Eat My Unicorn Dust - it's a discontinued one, but it was part of the core unicorn collection. Core colors are typically available for a long time but eventually room must be made for new ones. Unicorn Dust is a touch more salmon colored, it's dusty and creamier that Water Flower. However, I only quickly swatched them on my silicone mat and they looked like they'd make a perfect gradient!

Look, I even went outside with this! Actually, I tend to wear the base polish for a while (as in, full work day) and adding nail art the next day to it, so I get some wear time usually, and it so happened it was a Saturday and I was wearing Water Flower. I grabbed my camera and went outside *le gasp* and have a holo pic! I was like "why don't I go out more often??" Oh yeah...cuz I usually polish late at night..eheh

And last but not least...

Harpooned - a bright magenta linear holo with red/gold shimmer

Just from picking up the bottle I thought "Oh, I will definitely like this one!" and I was right. Honestly, it shot right up there to rival The Song of the Sea's spot as a favorite from this collection! It is such a rich and vibrant color, I love it!

All you're seeing here is 2 coats of magenta, but trust me, the shimmer and holo are amazing! I definitely ran outside with this one, you'll (hopefully) see what I mean..

And the sunshine..

Wow....I was amazed I finally got holo to show! I don't know how feasible it will be to take outdoor pics, given that I play with polish when there's no sun, but I'll keep it in mind for next time. Also, we've lived in this house for nearly two years and I only know one neighbor's name, and she tends to act surprised when she sees me outside, like maybe I died or something... so being out in the yard with a camera is definitely risking having to socialize just to take nail pics!

As I mentioned, NEP will restock this collection, along with Winter Is Here (Part 1 and Part 2) on 8/12/17 11 am PST. I've had such a great time swatching both collections and am so grateful to the makers for the opportunity!
I've got  more colors left to show from the ocean themed releases, but they were both event exclusives so there will not be an opportunity to get them from the makers, but they might be worth putting an ISO out if you just gotta have them!

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