Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Swatch & Review: Nvr Enuff Polish - Winter is Here; Part 2

Welcome back to part 2 of the "Winter is Here" collection by Nvr Enuff Polish! I've swatched them, worn them, added art, and now it's time to share! There is a part 1 - read here- in case you missed the first 3 polishes.
Note that there will be a restock on 7/29/17 at 11 PST, in case you didn't pick them up during the preorder window ;) Now on to the polishes!

*Polish provided as a press sample for review*
Let's start by looking at the bottle shots to see what we've got this time..

Any guesses on the names? The green one may be a dead giveaway, the red might as well lol

Let's start with this one...and as usual, art at the end! With names like these, I think it's obvious what kinds of things I picked haha 

Wildfire - an acid-green linear holo with micro green/gold flakes, a golden shift and a splash of iridescent glitters

I really enjoyed this one, it feels so spring-y and refreshing, like young grass...until I remember how deadly wildfire actually is!

For my swatches I used 3 coats as well as top coat for shine, I'll start with the lamp pics because..shiny..and holo 

In typical NEP fashion, no problems with application on any of them, minimal cleanup needed for me. 

And as always, I have the fake matte look going with the lighbox pics - but it's alright, I think the tiny flakies are better highlighted this way - just look at the very top of the index nail, they glow! 

Next up is a surprise favorite..

The Red Woman - a stunning glittery red holo make up of silver galaxy glitters and lots of red shimmer

I instantly was reminded of juicy cherries, or bright red apples! And know..the red woman..I don't know how to feel about her right now. I guess she's been knocked down a peg or two since the start of the show, and there's that catfish incident, so I have mixed feelings on her...and if you don't know who I'm referring to, then let's move on with the swatches :D

Again, I used 3 coats here just to deepen this juicy red, but 2  would probably be okay.

The holo?? And the glitters?? Arg, those tiny galaxy glitters always get me, I adore them.
Red is always such a classic color, but when you have indie polish, there's so many more options to get a stunning red that catches the eye, and this is definitely a standout!

And last but not least, we've got...

Mother of Dragons - a beautiful multi-chrome base shifting from blue/purple/green with UCC and crystal flakes (can be worn in 1 coat over black)

And just like the looooong list of titles our dear Dany is so proud of, this polish has got a lot going on with it and so many different faces to show! Curvature of the bottle really highlights it well

Given the nature of a multi-chrome polish (that's to say they're on the sheer side) I knew the best route would be to use black undies, but really really wanted to see what it would do on its own. I am not disappointed!

For these swatches I went with 3 coats, and you can see that my free edge is pretty opaque on its own so it stands out even with 3 coats under the lamps but in other lighting it's not so obvious

You can definitely see the hidden colors in the bottle pic above, very top edge, has got a whole rainbow showing at extreme angle, and the flakies stand out well

I think another reason why I didn't use black undies is because I just don't perceive the character as being "dark", although season 7's new wardrobe is certainly going in that direction. But if you take away the inspo and just look at it as a polish, undies would help conserve the use - going from 3ish coats to 1!

That wraps up this part of the swatches, on to the art! I feel like I'm pretty predictable in this regard, but ah well, it is what it is :)

Show watchers first got to experience wildfire during the Battle of Blackwater Bay. I double stamped the waves/fire with gold and black from Creative Shop plate 51 and 46, the little boat is also from plate 51.

I also asked my hubby if this reminded him of "the wave" - he looked confused..I said "...the famous Japanese picture?" and he said no, it's more like wildfire on Blackwater Bay. I felt both disappointed that mine isn't the same level of iconic, but also glad he figured out what I was really aiming at :D
Oh, and I did dab on some Knight's Honor (another Nvr Enuff polish) to the tips before the stamping to give the flame waves more sparkle.

I went back to back with flames, they were just too fitting!

I've got some red/gold/black stamping happening with different plates - Messy Mansion MM27 and Creative Shop 46. I also finally used this lovely face from plate Sugar Bubbles 31 - I've had my eye on it for a long time but for a different scene, it happened to work here too

My friend suggested "fire and smoke" for this color originally and I tried to do that smokey look with acrylic paint and failed so bad! I need to remind myself to just stay safe and stick to stamping, lol

So what does that leave for the Mother of Dragons? Dragons, of course!

I've got double stamped scales from Creative Shop plate 47, double stamped dragon from Messy Mansion MM21, and a Dany image from CS 46. Seriously, I am so thrilled to finally have my favorite fandom starting to show up on stamping plates! I do have to mention that I had to shrink the mother of dragons to fit better, I wanted some of the wing to show too, otherwise I think in the original size it would just be her face. Which is pretty recognizable too, but I really liked the full image!

I should mention that all the stamping color I'm using are from BornPretty Store - black, white, red, gold, green. Affordable and get the job done!

This concludes my swatching of Winter is Here collection, now you just gotta make sure you pick up the colors you have an eye on next time the Nvr Enuff shop is open! This isn't the end for me though, I have *ahem* 6 other new colors to swatch and show off! So check back in to see what's coming ;)

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