Sunday, July 9, 2017

Swatch & Review: Nvr Enuff Polish - All Tea and No Shade

Welcome to another post featuring some beautiful Nvr Enuff Polish colors! Feels like I was just here writing about Mary's Garden of Wishes...oh, I guess I was..typing stuff at 11  last night, felt like I was back in college, doing a procrastinated essay ahaha But I'm not even close to done, there is more to show today!
*Polish provided as a Press Sample for review*
This pair is a special release to celebrate the 3 year anniversary of Nvr Enuff Polish. Due to other events happening  in July, these polishes will be available on a pre-order basis from 07/08 11am to 07/16 midnight PST - link to shop is at the bottom of the post.

All Tea - a bright but deep purple holo with a slight chrome shift to red/pink in the shade, clear galaxy glitters and a splash of orange/lime iridescent glitters

Both of the colors actually caught my attention in the bottle for looking so...smooth and buttery. It's hard to put it into words but All Tea just gave off this luxuriant feeling. There was a "ChroMetallics" collection released from Nvr Enuff not that long ago and I wonder if these two are similar.

I used 2 medium coats to get this to be opaque, and a layer of top coat

The application was the same smooth buttery one that I suspected, and I barely needed clean up. I think I should just admit to myself that I will always have to clean up because of my sidewalls. I once compared fingers with some friends irl and was like "why do they look like chubby sausages compared to yours??" so I try to keep them with some nail length to keep the attention on the polish ;)

I was impressed that at 2 coats I got such good coverage with this! Definitely makes for a quick mani application

And on to the other part of the duo!

No Shade - a deep teal holo with a slight chrome shift to red/pink in the shade, clear galaxy glitters and a splash of orange/lime iridescent glitters

Look at that bottle shot! There's that shifty shimmer!!

Again, this is just 2 coats and top coat.

Teal is among my favorite colors so I was so happy to get another gorgeous one in my collection. Check out the corners of the bottle - it's like a bright lime shimmer hiding there

Same with the cuticle area - I guess this would be called "extreme angles" but whatever it is, I want more of it!

Then with some direct light, the shimmer I see is like an icy blue..I called hubby in for help here, he confirmed the lime green but with this one said "I see white on top of that green" don't know what to tell you, I'm no expert on light diffraction,and physics was a long time ago for me!!

Bottom line - beautiful teal color with some shifty stuff hiding in it

I tried to sneak in a little bit of art while I'm swatching. I know it's delaying my completion but I just can't break the habbit, and I have a huge stash of stamping plates so using them is justification for owning them ;)

Just silver stamping for this one, plate is Uber Chic Fairytale 01, stamping polish is Sinful Colors - Casablanca
I wanted to stick with the same  stamping plate but didn't find more inspiration, so teal ended up being nautical..the color just seemed like it needs to be ocean related

Plate is Lina Born to Sail 01 - I got this for review some time ago and think summer vibes are finally bringing inspiration.
Polishes are: Sinful Colors - Casablanca, Bundle Monster - Straight up Black, and BornPretty Store gold # 22320

Again, this will be available on pre-order until the 16th, so plenty of time to pick it up! I've got more to show so check back in!
Winter is Here is a 6 piece, so it will likely be on IG first while I'm swatching and compiling the next post but it definitely will be up before end of the week!
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