Saturday, August 5, 2017

Art: Nvr Enuff Polish - In The Depths

Lookie here, two posts back to back! I wasn't kidding when I say my blog is like feast or famine, lol. I just swatched a gorgeous collection from Nvr Enuff Polish - see the post here, and now I'll show the art I did with it.

*Polishes were provided as press samples for review*
If you've read the swatch post, you'll know there are 5 colors, but I've got only 4 art looks here...there's a simple reason for it. And it's not that I didn't like a color enough to use it in art, lol!

For my first piece, I used two colors from the collection - Treasure of the Tides and The Song of the Sea. The colors and names are perfect, so combining it was the way to go!

Pinkie and ring finger are simply stamped using Bundle Monster plate BM-509 and white polish. I got a little bit of the stamping onto the middle finger as well. On the middle finger I also had to sponge on the teal in a corner to have a two tone look, sponging also deposits more glitters and sucks up some of the color. I think this worked out in my favor, as the water now looks shallower and more of the ocean's treasures are visible in the shallows! I dabbed on "sea foam" with a tiny bit of makeup sponge, and attached the pears and sea stars. I only used top coat to attach them and was worried they will fall off. They held on all night while I slept, but it wasn't even an hour of work when I started to lose them - I handle a lot of paper. So for a temporary look, this works!

There will always be a ton of beach designs, but I got inspiration specific to this color scheme from a mani I saw on IG - Serene/Copycat Claws - posted it a couple of weeks ago.

With a name like "Mermaid Lagoon" I had to have ocean art here as well. Again I reached for Bundle Monster plates, BM 504, 508, and 510 and white polish. The sign is hard to read because it's so faint but it says "my heart belongs to the sea". I guess I could have done mermaid scales, but I had just done them recently. Also, more complex colors give me trouble when it comes to art, there's so much going on with the polish already that I don't want to complicate it further and making it too busy, so I stuck to a single color for stamping.

Water Flower made me think of lotus flowers so I searched for  stamping plates with flowers.

I used plate Creative Shop 14 and black polish to stamp the flowers, I colored them in and applied like decals. I think my ring finger's nail looks pretty derpy...I'm not sure if my decal didn't adhere well and stuck out or if the nail got..warped somehow. It didn't suffer any breaks...maybe it just goes wild when it's this long! Time for a trim, I guess :)

And here I departed from ocean themes..
Harpooned just felt so rich, luxurious, royal...I needed something more fancy for it.I had just gotten a new stamping plate, Uber Chic Fairytale 02 and put it to use here - all images are from it, stamped with gold (BornPretty Store item #22320) and black. The scale pattern is a layered image!! I was sold on the plate from just that design, but it proved a little harder to align the scales.

And today I realized that Nvr Enuff Polish fan group will be having a nail art challenge and August's theme is "Royalty" - I completely spaced out, I could have used this mani as an entry. I'm already brainstorming what I will do instead, but it's always fun to see what people submit!

My dragon had to sparkle, so I took it out to the sun!

I hope you enjoyed the nail arts as well as the In The Depths collection if you looked at those swatches!