Thursday, September 29, 2016

Swatch & Art:Tonic Polish - Watcher's Woods

Welcome back to the blog! Today I have another polish to show off from the upcoming Tonic Polish Fall/Halloween collection - Watcher's Woods. This was a hard one to capture, so I hope I did well enough to show what it's capable of!

*Polish provided as Press Sample for review*
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Description provided by the maker, Lindsey:

Watcher’s Woods - This is a tough color to describe and may be best left open to interpretation! Here’s my take: it’s a dark plummy-brown with multichrome shimmer that shifts from silver to vivid green to purple and has silver holo micro glitters. The green shift is most dominant and that is often the resting state of this color. Opaque in 2 coats. Top coat is strongly recommended for maximum shine and color impact.

As it is a shimmer polish, I was a little skeptical if it really would only take 2 coats to achieve opacity - but to my surprise, it did! Just two coats and a top coat here!

Primarily Watcher's Woods did show up as green in my pictures, but if you really squint at the tips of my nails, you'll see the brown is showing. This was really cool, as it made it seem like it's a thermal polish!

I think this is the closest I got to showing both colors at once.

It's kind of like looking of a bottle of..err...woods! You've got the foresty greenery and the brownish trunks of trees, right? Essene of the forest, basically! 

I bet you already guessed I was going to add trees to this!

The sing and pinky finger are a tree stamp from Winstonia's Hunter's Life plate - I use this plate a lot for another tree image on there, but this is my first time with this specific design. I stamped using a gradient of green (BornPretty Store item #23198) and silver polish (Sinful Colors Casablanca) - and the multichrome shift of brown to green in Watcher's Woods made this look like it's a double gradient!

The bird on the fence is stamped from a Moyou  plate Gothic 05, using a silver and this time a brown polish (BornPretty Store item #22335). The flying birds are from Moyou Gothic 07 plate.  Initially I stamped them in brown, but at some angled they just blended in with the polish too much, so I added silver birds on top...they didn't line up perfectly but it's alright.

I really like how this came together, and the green stamping polish was a surprise! I'll try to use it with another upcoming Tonic ;)

Now...forgive me for these, but sometimes the polish just comes to life while in the car, and a handy cell phone can snap something that's hard to replicate indoors.

The sunlight really focused on the plummy-brown part of the color, which makes me feel torn about what I liked more - the brown or the green. Thankfully this polish is all of the above!

I kind of got too excited about this polish and thought I would actually make a video to show it in action! Err...I forgot I have no skills or experience with video making! Heh..that project was very short lived! I would instead refer you to take a look at Tonic's mixing video of Watcher's Woods

Tonic's Fall/Halloween collection is coming on 10/2 - there are 8 polishes total and so far I've shown 4, so hang around to see the others!
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