Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Swatch & Art: Tonic Polish - Windy City

Hello & Welcome! I apologize for the silence this past week - I got to attend a nail polish conversion in Chicago over the weekend! I'll try to do a post about it, it was such a fun experience! I came back with some polish and am eager to show some pretties!
Tonic Polish Windy City
This gorgeous color is Windy City from Tonic Polish. It will be available for purchase outside of the con, and very soon, so take a look and add it to your wishlist!

"Windy City - A medium royal blue base with intense pink shimmer, pink/gold/green shifting flakes, and silver holo micro glitters. Opaque in 2-3 coats. Top coat is highly recommended for maximum shine and color impact." Tonic Polish Windy City Having the maker, Lindsey, supply the description is great, because left to my own I would fall short in trying to describe the complexity of this beauty - Lindsey has made several complex shimmer/flakie/holo polishes since she's launched her brand a couple of months ago, and they're definitely outstanding! Tonic Polish Windy City The pink shimmer isn't shy, either! Tonic Polish Windy City The formula of the polish is great, no application issues and I ended up using 3 thin coats, however, 2 would do, depending on length of nails. Tonic Polish Windy City Tonic Polish Windy City Light box, as usual, steals the sparkle and makes it look like I have a matte topcoat, which isn't true, but it does help bring to light some other facets of the polish - like the color shifting flakies.
Tonic Polish Windy City Tonic Polish Windy City For my nail art I drew the inspiration from the polish itself - Windy City is a nickname for Chicago, so I tried to replicate the look of the city. I think it was pretty successful! Tonic Polish Windy City Initially I stamped black building outlines but it was hard to tell what they are as Windy City is too pretty and sparkly and obscured the black, so in a last ditch effort to salvage the design, I stamped the same buildings in white, and surprisingly they turned out pretty bold! Tonic Polish Windy City Tonic Polish Windy City Stamping polishes: silver - Sinful Colors Casablanca, BornPretty Store - White, Black & Blue. Stamping plates: HeHe 15, Bundle Monster BM-414, Uber Chic 2-03 Tonic Polish Windy City Tonic Polish Windy City

Windy City will be available with the Halloween collection starting October 2nd. These colors are Limited Edition and will be for sale for one month and then retired. Oh yeah...there is a Halloween collection coming from won't want to miss it..and I happen to have some to show, so check back! Tonic Polish: Shop | Instagram | Facebook