Friday, September 30, 2016

Swatch & Art: Tonic Polish - Poison Rose

Welcome back to yet another installment of a beautiful Tonic Polish from the upcoming collection- this time it's Poison Rose.
Tonic Polish Poison Rose
Just a couple more days until the collection goes live (10/2) so take a look at what's coming!
*Polish provided as a Press Sample for review*

Poison Rose - Another tough color to describe, it’s a sort of dreary mauve-leaning blush pink with metallic pink shimmers and fine scattered holo. Might be the most “work appropriate” color [Tonic] made aside from its underlying secret: the pink shimmer shifts subtly to golden green at an extreme angle, belying its poisonous nature. Opaque in 2-3 coats, and best topped with top coat to bring out maximum shine and color impact.
Tonic Polish Poison Rose
I really loves the subtle gold shift in this polish, and the metallic pink shimmer just made it have a soft glow.
Tonic Polish Poison Rose
I used 2 coats and top coat with Poison Rose. You'll also notice my nails are a little shorter in these photos...I got a little carried away while filing my nails after I swatched the first 4 polishes. I kind of like this doesn't hinder when typing, at least!
Tonic Polish Poison Rose
It shows just a slight amount of the metallic shimmer, which was my favorite part about the polish, and holo...that's also nice :D
Tonic Polish Poison Rose Tonic Polish Poison Rose Tonic Polish Poison Rose
I didn't want to do obvious rose nail art for this one, but even husband said "just do roses" so I compromised a little...
Tonic Polish Poison Rose
I sponged on another upcoming Tonic color to the tips - Toxic. Then I stamped using BornPretty Store black stamping polish and two different plates. Roses from Moyou Gothic 07, and the birds from Messy Mansion MM14
Tonic Polish Poison Rose Tonic Polish Poison Rose
I'll have Toxic up next to swatch, so come back to see it! Collection is launching on 10/2!

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