Saturday, February 13, 2016

Stamping Saturday: Vday Skittlette

Welcome to Stamping Saturday! I have a short post and a simple look to share today :)

So I thought I was going for a ChitChat Nails inspired skittle look, but realized that for a true skittle, all the nails have to be different! So what I actually have on is Marta's version- the skittlette (per her awesome definition and breakdown post!) I really like the pairing of the textured and the creams, and ChitChat nails just always stand out to me when I'm scrolling though my IG feed, so I thought it's high time I tried it!

Colors are as follows: Bonita Fairytale Dreams (1 coat for full coverage!), SH Insta-Dri OMGhost (also one coat!), and ILNP First Class. Black stamping polish is from MdU, and the hearts are from a CICI &SISI plate 05. The "love" is also stamped, I found it on a random assorted plate from Ali (CF08), but there were a lot of neighboring images originating on Bundle Monster plate - so perhaps that's where it came from as well.
Overall, I really enjoyed making the skittlette! I applied both Gelous and SV topcoats and my coworkers said it looked very well done, like a professional mani. So I call that a success! As long as I keep my right hand out of sight, ahaha ;D

One day left before Vday! I hope I finish up another mani and post in time. We're doing the most romantic thing that can be done  - attending a wedding! And of course my nails are going to be my number one concern, after I figure out what to wear, lol.

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