Friday, February 12, 2016

Swatch & Art: LynB Designs - From Night to Day

Hello! Vday is fast approaching and I'm trying to get all my ideas done if possible! So here's another simple design - it just takes two polishes and a sponge!

Glitter topper polishes are pretty much art in a bottle, so minimal effort required for a fun look.
For my purple base I used From Night to Day from LynB Designs. It's a holographic finish, but my lightbox just sucks all the rainbows out of it :(

I used 3 coats for the coverage you see here. It's on the sheer side but does build up the more you apply. I can still see through it to my free edge, it just looks lighter but I didn't pursue a 4th coat as I was planning on adding glitter to the tips, so in the end it won't be noticeable.

Here we see the holographic rainbows peeking out!

All the little white and pink glitters, and the hearts, come from one bottle - Love Sprinkles from Sinful Colors. I think this is a polish from the 2014 vday collection. There's been an influx of SC polishes at Big Lots lately, and there are often older collections to be found, so maybe Love Sprinkles is still around. Because the glitters are swimming in a clear base - brushing them on would leave a lot of wet polish on the nail and would be a mess the more you apply. I used a makeup sponge to absorb the clear base and then dab the glitters on -repeating until I had my tips covered to my liking. And that is all it took!