Saturday, February 6, 2016

Stamping Saturday: Lanterns

Happy Stamping Saturday! I shortened my nails a little bit, so whatever vday themed design I had in mind would need a little more canvas space than what I go at the moment, so those will hopefully make an appearance soon!
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This look is inspired by Nails by Cassis - she made a Chinese lantern design a little while back and I really wanted to recreate it!
I didn't take any progress pics as I was putting this together, as I thought black & white as so basic, there's nothing really to show off. And then I messed up a little bit on the floral print so I wanted to quickly move onto the lanterns to cover that all up, ahah :D

I used my go-to white, SH Insta-Dri OMGhost and Fright Night for the black. When one coat is all you need, these guys fit the bill!
Sinful Colors Gold Medal was used to stamp the orchids from MoYou Pro 07. I especially like the look of my pinkie - black & gold is a great color combo anytime, but the orchids make me think of lacquered plates and bowls you'd see at a Japanese restaurant, and I love sushi, so you see how my mind works! :D I really do like oriental designs, I'm always drawn to stamping plates but don't end up using them as much as I should.
Lanterns! I used MoYou Suki 02 and Ya Qin An Black to stamp with. I also used a clear stamper to help with the lantern placement and it was super easy! I use a piece of tape to remove the extra lanterns (there's a cluster of 3 on the plate) and place them one at a time. And that is it for my lanterns!

*Edited to add*
I couldn't resist messing with it...I was already 40% there since pinkie & thumb were done, might as well complete the look! So here's version 2 :D

Now I don't have to put this design off till later. I rather like it on my shorter nails, it must be because of the black base,

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