Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Muddy Girl Camo ft Nvr Enuff Polish

Hello and welcome! Today I have a pretty short post to share and show off this fun, bright and girly, camo design.

As usual,the design is stamped, but I did branch out a bit and tried a new technique - smooshing! At least that's what I think it's called :D
For my base color I used one coat of Nvr Enuff Polish Unicorn Bait. I didn't show the swatch of it as I've done a stand alone mani with it not that long ago (can be seen here) Once the base dried and I topcoated it, I put some drops of polish onto a stamper and smooshed it on my nails. I forgot to use latex to protect my cuticles as I didn't think it would get that messy, but I had quite a lot to clean up!!

Along with Unicorn Bait I used Blackberry Wine and a pretty purple prototype.

The purple and berry really darkened my hot pink, I should have used less of those colors, but this was my first time smooshing, after all. So to remedy that I grabbed Bonita Tickled Pink - it's a super bright neon pink- and wiped most of the brush off before dabbing/dragging it over my nail. This is known as "dry brush" and I got the desired effect - more pink!

Stamping polishes are black & white from Mdu. The tree branches are from one of my favorite plates -  Hunter's Life made by Winstonia. I think this is the only image on the whole plate that I used so far, but I love it!

First I stamped the branches in white, then in black - trying to place them slightly different so they're not just shadows of each other. I really like the effect!

I managed to catch some setting sun rays on the way home and wanted to include this pic as it doesn't look neon and in your face. Seeing the sun makes me happy, as I hope to be able to get more photos taken outdoors and not struggle as much with lighting.

It was pretty simple to put this together, so I think I'll try smooshing again. Perhaps with turquoise colors :D

This was my inspiration pic - was I close in recreation? The colors are a bit different, but the design is there.