Saturday, October 11, 2014

#StampingSaturday - Black & Silver Floral

So, I don't own a lot of OPI polishes, but more and more variety of colors has been showing up at Marshall's recently (or maybe I just go there more often, lol) so every now and then I'll come home with a new bottle or two (2 packs for $8!) and the most recent is DS Coronation. There are so many prompts and challenges going on in various FB groups that it's hard to narrow down sometimes, and it being October and pink everywhere for breast cancer awareness, I really wanted pink and silver. But looking at my stamping plates to see what catches my eyes, had to go with the tried and true - Konad Black!
The floral design is from PUEEN SE04B plate. 

 Sadly, my Konad Black is almost at it's end, and the image didn't pick up as detailed as I was hoping. I stayed away from my MdU to not irritate family with the smell, as some are more sensitive to it.

Overall I'm happy with the outcome, but seeing the pics in close up makes me sad that my cuticles are not better. I use cuticle cream and moisturizer a lot more frequently when I'm at work, but get a lot more hang nails :( Maybe I just notice this stuff because I focus on them a lot more, but I just hope they get pretty soon!

Now let's see what else #StampingSaturday has to show us!