Friday, October 31, 2014

Itsy Bitsy Spider

Here's the mani I wore today - even got away with it at work! I don't interact with too many people and so far only 1 person noticed my nails, so we'll see if I can sneak in with nail arts more often!
When it came time for the pics, I have to say I'm a bit bummed that they didn't turn out that great...the light reflection and the complex polish layers..gah, it looked much better on my nails! I guess it'll be a while before I get the hang of nail photography well enough to show the polishes as I mean for them to be, so tips are appreciated!

The macro really gets what I had going on though- holo spiderwebs with a little spider hanging out!
For my base I've got CG Liquid Leather, and on top of that a layer of Kleancolor's Chunky Holo Black - it's a black jelly packed with holo glitters and hexes. Except that I'm suspecting a dud bottle, as mine leans more orange than what I thought I was buying. And one fellow polish addict enthusiast did show me 2 bottles of this Chunky Holo Black to confirm that there's 2 versions of it. Oh well, it's still holo and it happened to fit this Halloween mani color scheme. (And besides...I've only got half a bottle left, so I must have found another use for it ;) )
Now my favorite part - stamping!! First, I'll admit that prior to this October - I had very limited Halloween imagery plates, but MoYou London changed all that with their Gothic collection. The lovely webs come from plate 07 in that collection - stamped with the awesome Color Club's Harp on It.There are just certain plates with a style that appeals to me and draws me in, and this collection is definitely one of those.It doesn't help that so many makers are putting out new plate collections and I cannot resist! Will have more variety for next year!