Saturday, October 4, 2014

#52WPNMC - Week 1

I stumbled upon the 52 Week Pick and Mix Challenge late in the week and lucky for me, the first week's prompt was something I actually tried to do already that week! Dual purpose mani :)
The prompt is - gradient and/or teal!
My choice of polish is Julep Lani, which I've never tried before and forgot I had her until a need for teal came up. As September was ending, I realized I have put off doing a teal mani to support PCOS awareness and unfortunately, I'm one of those that have PCOS. Now I need all the teals!!!

Why must teal be hard to photograph and explain? I harass my husband to take pictures for me and try to color-correct them and it's been a lot of "no no! too blue, it needs more green!" as both of us try to navigate photoshop and learn to use it, lol.

And we both realized that I'm going to need a white light as my new desk lamp is yellow and don't come out well :(

What this was SUPPOSED to be is a glitter gradient using white( Maybelline Precious Pearl) and teal (Beauty Treats Teal Sparkles that I found in Fuego a long time ago) but I haven't had much practice at gradients...regular ones or glitter, so the "challenge" part is true to it's name!