Sunday, October 26, 2014

Behind the Scenes - Polish Removal using Julep's "Party's Over Kit"

Putting on that glitter or textured polish is a lot less daunting when you know removal's going to be easy! So which getting ready for my next mani, I had my husband snap pics of what my removal process looks like. Hope someone finds it useful!
Husband's got the caps on his fingers from Julep's "Party's Over Glitter Removal Kit" for a little demo - he doesn't have any polish on!
This is the mani I started out with: Zoya Carter is my base.

Several of these removed pads come with a kit, and can be purchased separately as well.

There's 10 remover soaked felt strips inside the packet. I actually like the remover - it's efficient but not drying to my cuticles, which are usually pretty finicky with it comes to acetone. So wrap one around your nail and slip the cap on, and relax for a while. 

And when you pull the caps off - this is what's underneath! 

And this is how my nails look after - there's still some polish residue left, but it's easy to clean it up and it's practically nothing when compared to me trying to remove the mani with a cotton ball.

This little kit definitely helps me put on my glitters and textured polishes a lot more often, because I know it's not a problem to take them off with the help of this kit! But I'll be honest - I probably won't repurchase the refills after I go through mine. Felt is pretty cheap to come by - craft stores often have 4/$1 deals and I've got plenty of acetone to make a "DIY' version. So the primary reason I got the kit was for the caps - it can be found here. But I gotta say - I've seen a very similar product pop up recently - NailMates. I haven't tried them myself as Julep's kit fits my needs and there are sales and promos often enough that it can be purchased for less than retail.