Monday, December 14, 2015

Swatch & Art: Lacquistry - REDiculous

A lot of holiday designs are fighting to get onto my nails so this is going to be an attempt at getting several done!The star of these manies is REDiculous from Lacquisty.

Check out the polish solo & with festive nail art after the break! For 30 Days of Colour I have "Candy Canes" and "Ugly Sweater" which I did over the weekend, so that's also fitting for Stamping Saturday, right? :) 
I first became familiar with Lacquistry polishes thanks to Amazeballz. REDiculous is basically the red version of Amazeballz (which is gold). It's described as "UltraMetal extreme foil finish" - and it gives full coverage in just one coat!! I used two just to make sure it was even as my nails are on the longer side. Bonus - removal is super easy! It might looks like tiny glitterish material but it's more of a tiny metallic flakie things, completely different properties than glitter.

First I made some candy cane designs.

I used MdU White for stamping. Originally I was using a MoYou London Festive 06 plate, but my lines weren't working. Because the design is regular size (instead of XL) I basically had to double stamp to get the whole nail covered.

Double stamping would have worked on the one hand - MdU polish is easy to remove with packing tape if you mess up. On the other hand my lines were totally drunk and not lining up, haha. That's when I noticed my VL-1 plate from Aliexpress has the same design, but bigger.Voila! Candy canes achieved :D I posed with my window decor, lol

My pinkie is tiny in comparison to the other nails, so it had to be left out, it makes it challenging to pose my hand. But I don't see it growing anytime soon, so I'll just leave it out ;)

Next up is the ugly sweater!

Red and white are pretty classy Christmas colors, so I just went with the base I already had on. (I actually did not top coat the candy canes, so removing them with a piece of tape was easy and let me start over with a new design!)

There are plenty of plates with sweater prints on them, but for this one I used MR-03. It was pretty cheap on eBay and I feel like it's a knockoff of many other plates (I recognized MoYou and Bundle Monster) mashed together, so it was convenient and offers a pretty good variety of designs. For the accent nail I used Hehe 60.
Hope you enjoyed!

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