Saturday, November 28, 2015

Stamping Saturday: Sweater Weather

Stamping Saturday is here again and I wanted to show off my "sweater nails"

The base color is Frenzy Polish - Cashmere Sweater and the designs are from Messy Mansion MM40.
Cashmere Sweater is a muave holo with silver flakes. The flakes are more visible in the shade, but when the sunshine hits it's full of holo! It's quite mesmerizing and I really enjoyed this color on its own before stamping was added.

 There are a lot of sweater print designs available now, but I really wanted the original plate that caught my attention, MM40. Both the main design and accent are from MM40. I used MdU Red Wine for stamping.
 Macro shows my lines aren't straight, but I don't really mind :)
Frenzy Polish just had a new collection launch (Mockingjay!!) and I limited myself to just one polish, even though hubby approved 2, haha. Cashmere Sweater is currently sold out, thanks to how beautiful it is and a great Black Friday sale but the new Mockingjay colors are a must see!