Friday, November 13, 2015

Stamping Saturday: Plaid

 As much fun as I had with all the Halloween manis in October, I was anticipating the start of November when I could continue fall designs. I was looking forward to do "sweater nails" and pawing through my plates, but got distracted by a plaid print. So that's what I got to show for Stamping Saturday.  And I got a new plaid shirt last week, so everyone at work was commenting on how matchy matchy I was :)
I really liked how they turned out. I went back and fort with color combos of red & white and red & black, but hubby suggested combining all three and it really pulled the look together!
My base color is the newest addition to the Nvr Enuff Polish (NEP) unicorn collection of polishes. This is Unicorn Scars - a crimson red holo.

I don't wear red too often, but I'm so glad I got this one! In these photos I've got 3 coats on - the color deepens to an oxblood red. I was actually going to go with two coats, it was opaque enough, but I was clumsy and smudged a nail, so of course I had to add a third coat to all of them to try and fix it, instead of redoing one nail, haha. On a side note - Cindy looked great with just one coat! As the nails on my right hand are nubs, I don't get concerned bout the free edge showing.  So this is a pretty versatile polish - it works as one, two or three coats and looks great no matter what you choose! 
NEP really nailed this one - Unicorn Scars is the blood red of wounds and battlefields and it might be a bit morbid, but one coat is kind of the red of fresh blood, and 3 coats is definitely dry blood. I have another manicure in mind for this one, hope I get to it soon!
For the stamping I used a chunky plaid print from a VL-4 and Ya Qin An black polish, and layered a design from BornPretty Store BPL-006 (white is SH Insta-Dri OMGhost). Tip for getting your lines more or less straight -make a decal! So this is a double stamped look with a little bit of cheating ;) 

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