Sunday, December 20, 2015

HPB Presents: Poinsettias

I'm feeling ambitious and going for another post for HPB winter/festive theme! This time with a more floral approach, using a traditional color scheme.

They're not actually poinsettias but I think I get get away with it because white, red and green make them look so festive, right?
To start this off, I used Fair Maiden Sleigh Bells in the Snow. This color was released last year and was very hard to get a hold of until it was brought back in recent months and I got to try it for myself.
It's describes as a silvery white base, with blue to violet shimmer and it's even holographic!

I struggled to capture the shimmer, but I definitely saw it on the nail!

There have been a lot more white holos recently,  or at  least I've been more aware of them. It's hard to get a true white because the pigment that gives the pretty rainbows adds a greyish/silvery tone. But now that I have Sleigh Bells, I'm less tempted to buy others, so that's good for my collection!

And then I added some flowers and attempted to disguise them as poinsettias. Did it work?

If this looks familiar - it's the same flower from my Nude & Neon post back in September. Someone commented that I can change the colors and have festive nails - so I did just that!
Both the red and green colors are from Nvr Enuff Polish - Unicorn Scars (used recently for the plaid mani) and a brand new color Festivus! I'm looking forward to using this one on it's own soon. The sparkly gold centers are dabs of Cirque Colors Helios (thanks again, Amy/Fancy Side for the polish!)
The plate I used is Beauty A-021 that I got from Aliexpress a while ago, and it's a knock-off plate that I only wanted for this flower image (original is on a  MoYou plate).

And the handy dandy Uber Mat was used to help make the decals, and that's what the creative  mess looks like :) How did I do? Do these pass for poinsettias or do I need more stamping plates? ;)