Monday, April 6, 2015

#StampingSaturday: Over a water marble

Holidays happen, and time slips away - but it's OK because our nails were still done! Mine were so done that I actually was rocking 2 different manicures at the same time! Haha, had no time to make even them out, so I just went with it ;)

On my photo hand I had stamped over a water marble (plate from BornPretty BP-L003) with MdU black. It looked good, but completely hid the marbling beneath!
Bonita Colors: You are my unicorn, Ibiza Nightlife, Booty Shaker 

That's what it looked like pre-stamping, in case you don't believe me about the marbling :)
I picked up a bunch of the spring collection colors from Bonita and have been happily playing with them - attempting to make a swatch post. Used in this mani are frosty white You are my Unicorn and the ones for marbling Booty Shaker and Ibiza Nightlife.

Despite being distracted by Easter weekend, I'm happy to see all the manicures linked up!