Saturday, April 18, 2015

Stamping Saturday - Copycat nails

One of the stamping related groups I'm in has a prompt this week for coping a manicure that someone has done with our chosen plate - mine is MoYou London Pro 9 this month! It's a great plate that I haven't given enough attention to, but it proved a bit challenging to find a mani that used those images! I did succeed though, and this is my re-creation :) 
Stamping polish  - MdU White, gradient done using Ooh La Lacquer Beach Bummer and LynB Designs From Night to Day. Both are brands I'm trying for the first time!

This is Beach Bummer on it's's so bright!! Hot pink and holo! I'm being drawn to pinks now and this was a great choice! 

Imitation came from ColorsFrenzy 

How did I do?