Saturday, March 21, 2015

#StampingSaturday: St. Paddy's Greens

This Stamping Saturday I want to show the mani I  wore pretty much all week - and kept adding and evolving it, to finally finish off with a stamped design!
This Revlon Colorstay Rain Forest has been in my collection for a long of those BigLots $1 polishes I picked up sometime and did not reach for after it stained my nails! But with better base coats, and to be honest, lacking a wide green selection - I picked this one to try a St.Patrick's day mani. Can you believe what it turned into!?
Looks familiar? Not really? This is that same Rain Forest all dressed up! Nub nail included..because it hasn't grown much this week ;)

 My subtle gradient turned out pretty subtle..some nails show it off better than others, but overall I really liked it a lot! For the gradient I used Pure ICE Lucky Charming  and a mini green (no name) polish I recently got for review (which is coming later!) from BornPretty Store. And for the holo - EP Djinn in a Bottle. Maybe Djinn can jazz up any polish to be extra pretty...and who doesn't love holos!

 Husband was clever and suggested I make a clover from heart decals as I complained that I don't have holiday-related stamping plates. It turned out so simple and cute! I have one on my thumb too, but I'm still struggling with hand poses so the thumb never makes it into the photo, lol. (decal from Whatsupnails)
 And the stamping to finish it all off! I really wanted to use gold and a plaid stamp, but my polish already has enough gold shimmer and I didn't wanna risk it, so...white of course (MdU) and a BornPretty plate BP-L003. Hubby said it looks like a celtic sweater, haha. So there we are, what do you think? Who else uses a holo top coat to make a color holo if they don't own any natural holos in that color already?

Thank you Amy Lee (The Fancy Side) for posting the linkup! If you also stamp, then join us, we'd love to see more people in this little event!