Monday, March 23, 2015

BornPretty Store: Polish & Plate review

**Products sent for review**

I'm pretty excited to have been contacted by BornPretty Store with the offer to review some items for them. They recently started putting out more and more stamping plates and they have such cute designs and are very affordable! So of course I check their website often to see what's new - and the offer of trying out new products is very much appreciated!

Here's what I got: Green Stamping polish, BP-54 stamping plate, and a sheet of water decals that I will make a post about later!
First up is the polish! It's called simply "green" (product #18134) Don't be scared of it's mini size - this is so pigmented that you can get full coverage with just one coat  of polish! I used 2 coats in these photos just to make the color more vibrant.
 See what the color in the bottle and on the nail looks like? Hard to capture all of the shades it can shift to, but there's a lot of golden shimmer in it.
BP-54 (#18797) plate is full of cute images. My favorite are the flower in the middle and the leaf design on the right. I'm more drawn to full nail designs so it's good to have a variety on the plates - appeals to more people's preferences. 

BP 54

I swatched the plate and the polishes. Again, notice how different the green looks when stamped over white, black, and when it's just a blob of color? So varied! I was pleasantly surprised by that. And it's true to it's name - it's a stamping polish and shows up so great over black!

Here's a mani using both the polish and the plate - ring finger has green as the base, and the rest of the fingers have the leaf design stamped. It definitely shows up green-er when used for stamping.  

For this mani I used green as the base and another BornPretty Store plate for the design - BP-L003.
I think the 6ml polish will last a while if you use it just for stamping, but it's such a great color that using it for a mani -you'd be going through the bottle a lot faster. BornPretty Store should get more full size polishes! I'm especially interested to see how their black polish would compare to other brands.
I'd love to hear what other little gems BornPretty Store has that you've found! And if you're thinking of making a purchase, please consider using my 10% off code - OKAWK31