Saturday, March 14, 2015

Stamping Saturday: Peach & Gold

Another Stamping Saturday and my nails are done! Maybe I can even keep this up!! Hah, getting optimistic here!
So once in a while  I'll drop by a craft store for something, and all the washi tape always inspires me! I never buy it, as I don't know what I'd do with it, but I try to file it away in my memory and use in a mani this is one of those times :)
 I'm also starting to reach for spring colors and am eyeing coral and peachy colors, and I picked this one up recently - Bonita Hostess with the Mostess

And then sometimes after I painted the base color, went out to do some shopping and before I did my stamping...this happened... ;( It happens, but it's still sad..I was really liking the nail shape I had.
I decided to keep the other nails and stamp as planned, and mourn them tomorrow.
Plate is BP-L003 (I'm using it as my challenge plate in a fb group, so it'll be used a lot this month) with Sinful Colors Gold Medal. Then I dabbed on some Lacquistly Amazeballs onto the tips and a little bit of Maybelline Gold's Night Out. Glitter gradients are so pretty and I rarely try them because they don't turn out quite how I picture them in my I usually stick to stamping!

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